Managed Performance Architects for the Cloud

Trek10 builds, optimizes, and manages high-value, cloud-based solutions with the absolute best DevOps tools and cloud services.

Our focus is on container-based, serverless, and event-driven architectures on AWS. Massive scalability, high uptime, heavy automation, and remarkably low operating costs are our hallmarks.

Let's Get The Job Done

Hear From Our Happy Clients

The team at Trek10 is impressively robust and flexible. From infrastructure design to extremely short crisis response times, I have been consistently impressed with their abilities. They have made better, stronger, and faster.

Trek10 has helped us build one of the most flexible deployment and QA processes around. Thanks!

We feel very secure in the fact that Trek10 is monitoring and managing our entire production environment 24/7. That allows us keep our costs under control and to focus our internal team on value added tasks rather than day to day maintenance.

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