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“Trek10 cares about what we’re trying to accomplish on a business level. We don’t just talk bits and bytes, we talk about the goals of our business and product to inform every technical decision we make.”

Brent Buck, Ajax Analytics

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"Trek 10 gives us all the operations expertise we need, so that we can focus on building software. And when I want all the technical details, they are patient and effective with explaining things in as much detail as I would like."

Dustin Rasener, Clear Software

“We couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out. No matter what demand users place on the system, we’re incredibly confident it will scale. It’s time to retire our Oracle servers."

Sean Mare, GIA

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"Cornelius challenged Trek10 to build an enterprise system to manage all IoT devices, services, and billing for Cornelius and its sister companies, and architect it to accommodate our customers' needs to isolate certain data... and they delivered. Trek10's expertise has absolutely been critical to our success."

Vince DiFatta, Cornelius

Budgeting your next engagement

Data from real Trek10 engagements

Trek10 engagements can range from days to multi-year in duration, with costs from $10k to $1+ million. Depending on your AWS needs, we are a great fit for short duration, high value engagements or complex projects involving multiple internal and external stakeholders.

Representative sample of Trek10 engagements.

Product Types

Click one of the labels below to see the latest product costs of Trek10.

Product Types

Click one of the labels below to see the latest product costs of Trek10.

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