Managed Performance Architects for the Cloud

Trek10 builds, optimizes, and manages high-value, cloud-based solutions with the absolute best DevOps tools and cloud services.

Our focus is on container-based, serverless, and event-driven architectures on AWS. Massive scalability, high uptime, heavy automation, and remarkably low operating costs are our hallmarks.

Let's Get The Job Done

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Trek10's expertise with the Serverless Framework enabled us to focus on the specifics of our application’s functionality and not have to worry about endless infrastructure configuration. Pay only for what you use, let AWS handle the scaling and resiliency, and don’t look back.

Leveraging standard AWS tooling, open source technologies, and custom services, the very talented Trek10 team built us one of the most flexible deployment and QA processes around.

Trek10 is more than a partner, they have become part of our team and success. We committed to an internal deadline, and these guys worked all hours with my team to make it happen. Dedication, talent and teamwork! I am blessed to be working with these guys.

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