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Our Proven Process


Multi-day workshops enable your team in the best practices of AWS and cloud native development


Trek10 AWS architects and engineers partner with your team to design and execute cloud native projects


24/7 support and management for your AWS environment and cloud native applications
100% AWS Certified Team
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Budgeting your next engagement

Data from real Trek10 engagements

Trek10 engagements can range from days to multi-year in duration, with costs from $10k to $1+ million. Depending on your AWS needs, we are a great fit for short duration, high value engagements or complex projects involving multiple internal and external stakeholders.

Representative sample of Trek10 engagements.

Product Types

Click one of the labels below to see the latest product costs of Trek10.

Product Types

Click one of the labels below to see the latest product costs of Trek10.

Here at Trek10 we are technical gurus and builders at heart. See how we have impacted clients all over the globe.

“The team we pulled together for the Juniper support automation system is extremely competent with a high level of expertise. Our team had to be able to respect the speakers and their ability to communicate and teach with technical mastery. Trek10 was able to command their respect, which says a lot.”

Tommy Baum, Juniper Networks

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“Scalability was incredibly important to us. We didn’t want to build a one-off thing that we’d have to reconfigure from the ground up later. Trek10 really got that. Together, we designed a solid foundation of LEA’s product for years to come.”

Brian Pickowitz, LEA Professional

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“The trust our data engineering team had in Trek10 folks was great. They were so easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. There was no challenge, big or small, that Trek10 couldn’t help.”

Alexandre Barreto, A Cloud Guru

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“I think there are a lot of contractors that do implementation on cloud-based platforms like AWS. Trek10 goes beyond implementation to create the ‘knobs’ and ‘handles’ our offerings need. Then, they wire everything together so that it operates easily.”

Chad Barden, Atlas 3D

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Learn about our AWS IoT Greengrass capabilities.

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