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            Trek10 Federal

            Cloud One

            • Trek10 Federal can help move your app to Cloud One and provide concierge cloud support along the way.

            • We're fast! From 1st call + assessment to sleeves up, we're as nimble as we are careful! Let's get your project done!

            • Find out more about how we’ve helped to quickly identify needs and clear the path to the cloud.

            • Are you interested in a conversation about a software factory that can help you? We have expertise!

            Who We Are

            Unlike many companies whose main calling card is navigating government contracts, Trek10 is first and foremost a company defined by deep technical expertise in the AWS ecosystem. Through the agile contracting efforts of AFWERX and other leading DoD organizations, Trek10 now has the ability to work directly with any Federal Government customer and bring our expertise directly to you.

            How We Can Help

            Trek10 offers the opportunity to align related procurement needs under this unique SBIR Phase III vehicle. “SBIR Phase III refers to work that derives from, extends, or logically concludes effort(s) performed under prior SBIR funding agreements, but is funded by sources other than the SBIR Program. Phase III work is typically oriented towards commercialization of SBIR research or technology.” –

            • Distinctly unique from traditional procurement methods
            • Sole Source (no competition required)
            • Rapid Acquisition – contracts can be awarded instantaneously
            • Small Business does not have to do 51% of the work
            • Ability to scope unfunded requirements for incremental funding
            • Have unlimited dollar values/ceilings
            • Can take any type of government funds (e.g., OMA, O&M, SCN, WCF, RDT&E, etc.)
            • Can be for “products, production, services, research/R&D”
            • Flexibility in contract type (e.g., FFP, CPFF, etc.)
            • No limit on Government agencies that can create or use the vehicle
            • Each task order is managed like a separate contract, multi-tier subcontracting

            Trek10 is a DOD SKillbridge Partner!


            “We did our homework looking into companies that could meet our strict criteria. But there was something about Trek10 that struck me the most—they tried hard to understand my pain points.”

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            .NET to containers
            Amazon API Gateway
            AWS Fargate
            .NET to serverless
            Media Management
            Amazon S3 Data Lake
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