Data Security & Compliance Assessment - powered by IBM Guardium Insights (Complimentary)

Stay vigilant and keep your data secure, compliant, and auditable today!

Protect your resources, prepare for an audit or simply increase your overall security awareness.

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Trek10 Data Security and Compliance Assessment - powered by IBM Guardium Insights is a Trek10 offering backed by the power of IBM Data Security and Compliance software (Guardium Insights) with Trek10's AWS professional services expertise to provide an enterprise-level data security insights. Stay vigilant and keep your data secure, compliant and auditable today!

Scope: Deliverable Based, directed to a Data Security and Compliance Assessment for qualified AWS customers

  • Assessment Details:
    • Access, tooling setup, and initial AWS environment scan
      • Trek10 will setup select pieces of the IBM Guardium Insights software suite in your account
      • Trek10 will run the tooling against your current environment
    • Reporting / Assessment
      • Trek10 will curate the information provided by Guradium into a few distilled findings which they will share with you
      • Trek10 will provide key visualizations of potential and actual data flows inside your AWS environment
    • Selected Vulnerability Remediation
      • Trek10 will work with your team to resolve a selected vulnerability (up to a certain time limit) depending on the data stores inside your AWS account
      • To evaluate remediation efforts, a secondary scan of the AWS environment will be performed

Target Workloads: All AWS accounts that use S3, DynamoDB, or RDS
Target Industries: Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Insurance, US Banking System, Automotive, Tech, Telecom, Airline, Transportation, & Government
Use Cases: Data discovery and classification, Data protection and monitoring, Encryption and Key Management, Regulatory Compliance

Offer Details:

  • Offer is valid and can be unlocked until March 31, 2024.
  • Offer is for up to $10,000 of professional services and software provided by Trek10.
  • Estimated Duration of Trek10 Data Security and Compliance Assessment is 4-6 weeks of engagement

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