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Trek10's expert-led Developer Acceleration workshops help enterprise teams quickly and safely jump-start their serverless discovery

Build confidence

Get Cloud-Native Right The First Time

Trek10’s expert-led Developer Acceleration workshops help enterprise teams quickly and safely jump-start their serverless journey.

We’ll show you everything you need to take full advantage of AWS Cloud, and lower your TCO with cost-effective, extensible, and low-maintenance serverless applications. Two days with our experts is worth two months of trekking alone.


Very knowledgeable and energetic speakers. Fun exercises (I liked the scaling difficulty). That was great. Thank you very much!

Intro Level Workshops

Each workshop is built around your use-case. Our intro level workshops usually contain an agenda with some of the following topics.

  • Architecting secure serverless apps
  • Serverless Debugging and pain points
  • Serverless use cases (and use-nots)
  • Choosing a serverless datastore
  • Migration strategies

Advanced Workshops

Pushing things out to the next level, we start tackling your use case in deeper detail with topics like the following.

  • Serverless architecture patterns
  • Greenfield project design
  • Serverless life cycle management
  • Advanced AWS use cases
    • DynamoDB single table design

Customize your Workshop

Your use cases, your work environment, let's customize the workshop to your situation. We bring educational content and work with you to mold it around your specific needs.


The technical expertise and communication capability of Trek10 is awesome. Well done explaining and digging into the specifics of our environment.

Our Experts

Jared Short

Jared Short

Senior Cloud Architect

Jared is a passionate cloud-native advocate, having been involved in web based software for nearly 15 years. As an early contributor to the Serverless Framework, and one of the first people to build and deploy serverless technologies in production at scale, he believes that the paradigm brings a new power to even the smallest of teams focus on delivering business value and innovation at remarkable pace. He enjoys pushing the boundaries of technologies and services and learning the hard lessons so he can help the others after him.

Alex DeBrie

Alex DeBrie

Alex is a self-employed AWS consultant and trainer focused on DynamoDB, Lambda, and other cloud-native technologies. He has been building serverless applications and growing the serverless community since 2017. Prior to working with Trek10, he was an early employee at Serverless, Inc., the creators of the Serverless Framework. As a self-taught developer, Alex loves the way that serverless, cloud-native technologies democratize technology and make it easier to build high-scale applications with small teams.

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