Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces allows you to quickly scale according to your virtual desktop needs.

What is Amazon WorkSpaces?

Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed, secure Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) that helps you cut the noise and cost of traditional VDI platforms. Hosted on AWS, it enables you to provision Windows or Linux machines that can be deployed within minutes and scaled to meet your needs with ease. The pricing model allows clients to only pay for the AWS WorkSpaces that are launched, either monthly or by the hour.

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Benefits of Amazon WorkSpaces:

  • There's no need to commit to costly on-premise infrastructure.
  • It scales to meet your need without purchasing any additional hardware or complex installation exercise.
  • It frees up your IT team's time by not having to worry about hardware fixes, software updates, patches, and other such issues. AWS will cover all of that for you.
  • Amazon WorkSpaces supports multiple devices such as Windows and Mac computers, iPads, Chromebooks, Kindle Fire, and Android tablets.
  • It’s secure. Each user is given their own storage in the cloud, and when users access their data, it is compressed, encrypted, and encoded.
  • It’s easy to manage. Your IT team no longer has to go from desktop to desktop to make updates, saving your IT team time that can be allocated elsewhere.

Is Amazon WorkSpaces for you? It really depends on your organization's needs, but it is ideal for Agile computing.

A few potential Amazon WorkSpaces use cases:

  • Schools using it for student lab work and follow along training tools
  • Temp workers or contractors that need workstations
  • Anyone wanting to test hardware and software profiles