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Datadog Expertise

Trek10 is a Datadog Gold Partner

As a next-generation Premier Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner, certified AWS Managed Service Provider, and a Datadog Gold partner, Trek10 is ready to help companies sift through Datadog’s features—from creating a company’s first simple monitor to leveraging all the advanced, powerful features that Datadog has to offer.

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Curb Management Pioneer Automotus Predicts and Prevents Edge Device Failure with Trek10 and AWS


Kitepipe and Trek10 partner to provide 24/7 Boomi managed services at scale on AWS

Red Technologies

Red Technologies Benefits from Datadog Optimization to Provide Transparency into Application’s Management


Datadog has given boberdoo the power to proactively fix issues with client-run websites before they result in downtime.

Datadog Workshop Program


Trek10 offers a two half day observability workshop where Trek10 both gives your team hands-on experience while learning about your current Datadog setup. At the end of the workshop Trek10 will produce a list of next steps that your team can implement themselves or use Trek10.

  • Day One AM: Datadog Presentation
  • Day One PM: Hands On
  • Day Two AM: Custom Presentation
  • Day Two PM: Hands On

Day One AM: Datadog Presentation

Interactive presentation where your team will be exposed to the full Datadog Suite, especially how solutions fit together to provide full visibility into your applications to improve incident detection, overall troubleshooting time, and reduce noise.

Day One PM: Hands On

Have your team roll up their sleeves and get hands on experience implementing Datadog. Tailored to your teams current expertise level this hands on lab can show a range of Datadog’s capabilities from how easy it is to get started to how far customizations can go.

Day Two AM: Custom Presentation

Your team will pick from a list of topics that Trek10 Architects can present on such as APM, Logging, SLOs, Dashboards, etc. Trek10 will present deep dive presentations about the topic(s) picked.

Day Two PM: Hands On

Your team will once again roll up their sleeves and put the knowledge they have learned from Day Two’s presentation to work. From their Trek10’s team will leave behind artifacts that your development teams can use for road-mapping future projects.

This workshop is great for leveraging Trek10’s experience


We can help application or infrastructure teams with their logging at any point in the stack. From updating application loggers to updating the Datadog console to get the most out of the current log set up - we have done it all (and cheaply too!).


Trek10 believes visualization starts not at a dashboard, but at the architecture design that allows for the correct SLIs and KPIs to be easily surfaced. We have done hands-on work to create dashboards where the data was already inside Datadog, but have the AWS expertise to pull important telemetry data out of applications and infrastructure.


Trek10 has been at the forefront of cloud tagging strategies and we bring a decade of tagging experience to work for you. After working with Trek10 you will be able to seamlessly integrate dashboards, logs, APM traces, and the like inside Datadog.


  • Significant progress in understanding of datadog solutions suite and the long-term business value

  • Ability to begin building out robust production monitoring, log analysis, and traceability

  • Step-by-step, hands-on Datadog demos with sample applications that can be leveraged for employee training

  • 100+ best practice monitors and 35+ dashboards

  • Deep understanding of the most common and painful pitfalls in implementing and configuring Datadog


Trek10 has done every step of the process in Datadog. Our own MSP uses Datadog as the backbone so we are EXTREMELY familiar with the API, visualization, cost optimization, and nuances of the product. As the very first Datadog Gold partner, we have we have built custom tooling using Datadog that supports infrastructure for critical workloads on fortune 100 companies.

Solutions Sweet Spot

  • Customized Monitors & Dashboards
  • Infrastructure Monitoring, APM, and RUM
  • Log Management
  • Tagging Strategy

Practice Overview

  • Hands on use for 7+ years as part of our MSP
  • Helping Datadog test beta features
  • Hands on implementation for on-prem and AWS clients for the following services: APM, Infrastructure, Serverless, Logging, RUM, Dashboarding
  • Use it as part of our SRE teams in enterprise clients
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