AWS IoT Greengrass

Build, deploy, and manage device software

AWS IoT Greengrass

At Trek10, we help organizations achieve the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and get solutions to market quickly. We follow all the known best practices for AWS IoT Greengrass and leverage our experience developing dozens of IoT systems at scale to produce reliable and robust edge-to-cloud ecosystems. Trek10 works with clients to assess their system requirements and total cost of ownership to connect their edge devices to AWS, adopt a deployment management system, design proper monitors and alerts, and implement the infrastructure and applications necessary to achieve business outcomes.

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                Trek10 cares about what we’re trying to accomplish on a business level. We don’t just talk bits and bytes, we talk about the goals of our business and product to inform every technical decision we make.

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                Trek10 is a customer-centric AWS Premier Consulting Partner wholly focused on AWS. We have crafted three primary IoT offerings: IoT Foundations, IoT Monitoring Framework, and Industrial IoT Proof-of-Value (POV). We also provide custom consulting engagements and can support our IoT clients with 24/7 Monitoring and Team Support.

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