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Gain valuable insights from your data no matter where you are on the data journey

Use AWS Data and Machine Learning Services to Unlock the Value of Your Data

Uncover insights from your data no matter where you are in your journey. Whether you need a data infrastructure built and maintained, an end-to-end solution, or something in between, Trek10 meets you where you are. Our Data Ecosystem centralizes your data to a single platform that offers secure access and maintains data quality. From there, we can deploy a production environment for testing, training, and hosting ML models.

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            Where Are You on Your Data and Analytics Journey?


            I’m incredibly confident in our team and what we’ve built so far. The importance of data across every aspect of A Cloud Guru is growing exponentially. Our ability to compete will increasingly be driven by how well we can leverage data, apply analytics and implement new technologies. The data platform we worked on with Trek10 is the foundational piece to enable all that.

            Our Customers

            Whatever Your Need, Trek10 Can Help

            Trek10 is a customer-centric AWS Premier Tier Services Partner wholly focused on AWS. We have crafted a modular Data Ecosystem that includes both our Data Platform and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Framework. Our ecosystem can be supported by both Team Support and 24/7 Monitoring, our CloudOps offerings.

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            Our Engagements

            Trek10 Can Help Across All Stages of Your Journey

            Machine Learning Well Architected Review

            Compare your current ML workload against AWS best practices from the Well Architected Framework and its ML lens. We identify opportunities for improvement and critical items for remediation.

            Data Discovery

            Gain a clear understanding of the data your organization collects, how it can be used to achieve your intended outcomes, and what level of support you need from Trek10.

            Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

            Analyze, investigate, and visualize your existing data sets to understand their characteristics and determine the best statistical techniques to execute your use case. EDA allows you to maximize insights into your data.

            MLOps Framework

            Gain end-to-end lifecycle management of your machine learning models while ensuring architecture best practices for machine learning pipelines are followed with our MLOps Framework.

            Machine Learning for IoT

            Build a ML algorithm to act on your IoT data. It can supplement or replace manual processes with automated systems using statistically derived actions in critical processes.

            Data Platform

            Set up a common, secure, and reliable location to store your data with our data platform. You can reduce cost-to-insight, productize data, support data engineers, set up data pipelines, and support data warehouses.

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            Centralize Your Data and Deploy a Machine Learning Production Environment

            Data Platform

            Implement a data platform from our modular Data Platform Framework. You will gain a singular location for all data to reside while also having a secure, reliable location for data users to access and utilize data in various tools and applications. Build out the warehouse and feature store in a collaborative manner with our data engineers to ramp your team. This framework acts as a Master Data Management feedback loop for maintaining data quality.

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            MLOps Framework

            Take advantage of our MLOps framework – a dynamic solution that can be used to implement a variety of architectures to execute ML use cases. Customers have used this framework to deploy a production environment for testing, training, and hosting models for anomaly detection, retina recognition, and more.

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            Trek10 Data and Machine Learning Services

            Gain the Support You Need To Level Up Your Data and Machine Learning Initiatives

            • Team Support
            • 24/7 Monitoring
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            Gain AWS ML architecture guidance, expert team enablement, best practices, and hands-on engineering support. Trek10 Team Support acts as an extension of your team to help you leverage cloud native technologies and take full advantage of the suite of constantly changing AWS services.

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            Receive around-the-clock AWS ML managed services. Trek10 has developed and integrated a specialized set of tools and services to deliver 24/7 incident response and packaged expert technical support, with 15-minute response times.

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            Learn How You Can Reveal Insights and Optimize Your Business

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            Transform Your Organization with Trek10’s Expertise

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