Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

The benefits of Kubernetes without the upfront infrastructure hassles.

What is Amazon EKS?

Amazon EKS helps you get an up and running Kubernetes environment on AWS without installing, operating, or maintaining your own Kubernetes server and network infrastructure. Amazon EKS handles the implementation of the seemingly complex infrastructure to provide high availability, scalability and fault tolerance.

Additionally, if you choose to leverage Fargate to run your Amazon EKS infrastructure, you also remove the need to provision and manage servers. This provides you with the flexibility to specify and pay for resources per application, and improve security through application isolation. Amazon EKS is integrated with multiple AWS services to provide scalability, monitoring, compliance and security for your applications.

Trek10 uses Amazon EKS to help companies and clients create application infrastructure without overspending on tools or spending time on complex infrastructure deployments. Leveraging Amazon EKS takes stress off the client by providing cost and performance elasticity that fits their usage profile and freeing them up to focus on building wonderful applications.

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  • Avoid operating overhead associated with managing servers, networks, & monitoring.
  • Automated scaling means no over-provisioning or paying for unnecessary resources.
  • >Workload isolation enhances security.
  • Flexible pricing options include which can offer significant savings.
  • Amazon EKS includes built-in integrations with other AWS services and 3rd party tools for streamlined monitoring and deeper insights into application metrics and logs.

Use Cases:

  • Existing Kubernetes users seeking to simplify infrastructure management.
  • ECS or Docker customers seeking to step up to enterprise level scalability, monitoring & tooling.
  • Startups looking to architect scalable, self-healing, secure enterprise grade application infrastructure to launch their applications or SaaS services.

Trek10 is one of the foremost industry leaders in container architectures and Kubernetes expertise on AWS. We are pros at building affordable, scalable AWS containerized environments that scale seamlessly and offer predictable, monitorable, scalable solutions to our customers. Contact us any time to discover how container based workflows and Amazon EKS can revolutionize the way your company does business.