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EA aligns business and IT strategies for high-value execution outcomes across a specific level of your organization.

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) combines business and technology in a proven industry recognized framework to deliver business focused results based on your industry, environment, competition and the ever increasing capabilities of cloud technologies. We partner with you to clarify objectives, project impacts of decisions, build in capabilities to validate decision making, and help reduce the size of projects through a disciplined approach to aligning technology with business objectives. *The brutal fact is that about 70% of all change initiatives fail. Trek10's EA approach is built to ensure business and technology success!


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            "The Trek10 Enterprise Architecture Team had a business first approach which aligned with our executive practices. They understood our business problems that could be solved by technology, rather than a technology first approach. They also provided the materials that our leadership team needed to help with their own presentations in order to create continuity and empowerment."

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            Design for Acceleration

            Starting projects right can significantly improve their odds of success. The EA design focuses on ensuring that business objectives and technology align, eliminating excess, duplication and scope creep in order to deliver business value. The product includes presentations, materials for leaders to present to boards, peers, etc, an enterprise roadmap along with the incremental steps needed to deliver business value early and validate impacts along the way. During the design phase of the enterprise architecture process the focus is on creating a comprehensive and feasible blueprint for the solution. Through this phase, architects ensure alignment with business objectives and articulate a detailed plan to guide implementation. The outcome of this phase is a thorough understanding of the technology, data, and organizational components needed to achieve the target architecture and drive positive impact for the enterprise.

            Build for Business Acceleration

            The engagement between the Enterprise Architect (EA), engineering team, and the client aims to achieve specific business outcomes, with Business Acceleration being a key objective. The EA helps set an overarching vision for the project, identifying initiatives with the highest potential return on investment and providing a decision-making framework to navigate market changes and competitive pressures. The engineering team then leverages this guidance to design, develop, and deploy IT solutions that align with the client's business goals. Through iterative processes, the team continuously enhances enterprise maturity and ensures that each solution contributes to high-value execution outcomes that drive Business Acceleration. By working closely with the client throughout the project lifecycle, the EA and engineering team can deliver successful outcomes that accelerate business growth and competitiveness while achieving other desired business objectives.

            Strategic Well-rounded Optimization Review and Delivery (SWORD)

            • Architecture review and analysis is an essential process that can greatly accelerate your business outcomes by providing a second pair of eyes on existing projects. By identifying issues with scaling, missing components, and alignment with business objectives, this process can help resolve potential problems that could impact your top line and bottom line.

            • Through our architecture review and analysis, we not only identify issues, but also provide actionable recommendations for improvement. This leads to added business value and a more streamlined project delivery process. Additionally, our review process helps improve the velocity of data by ensuring that systems are optimized and streamlined for maximum efficiency.
            • By leveraging our architecture review and analysis process, you can accelerate your business outcomes and gain a competitive edge. Our team of experts will help you identify and resolve issues, ensuring that your projects are aligned with your business objectives and delivering the maximum value possible.

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            Predictable Results

            Trek10 Enterprise Architects adapt the industry leading TOGAF v9 Framework which provides a predictable model that delivers actionable artifacts.

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