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Mistake-proof operations, proactive 24/7 AWS monitoring, security, and active recommendations

Mistake-proof Your Operations with Trek10 Managed Services

Maximize the uptime and security of your most critical applications. 24/7 Monitoring is a managed service offering – taking care of everything from patching to container management – derived from deep AWS expertise. Leverage our proprietary tooling to proactively enforce AWS best practices for resiliency, uptime, and security while automatically detecting anomalies and errors that could lead to failure.

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            Gain a Team with Years of Experience in AWS Support Services


            Keep your most critical applications up and running with managed services derived from AWS best practices for resiliency and uptime. Trust Trek10 to deliver 24/7 AWS support services, knowing we were the only AWS Partner to achieve a perfect score on a third-party AWS managed services audit.


            Gain peace of mind by relying on AWS experts to manage your most critical workloads. At Trek10, our sole focus is on your AWS environments. To provide the best service possible, we’ve developed a suite of tooling to support and enhance your AWS experience.

            AWS Spend

            Ensure runaway AWS bills are a thing of the past. With 24/7 Monitoring services, you gain around-the-clock access to tooling that prevents accidental or unintentional AWS spend. Automatically detect cost anomalies and de-activate instances when they’re not in use.


            Ensure Operational Success


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            Not only does this save us a paycheck, but gets us a whole team of people who can manage the site 24/7 so it’s always up and running for ticket sales. We don’t have to worry about it.

            Argonaut - Continuously Enhance Your Trek10 Engagements

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            Gain curated recommendations from top AWS experts. Argonaut is the central entry point for your interactions with Trek10 that includes a built-in recommendation engine to continuously push updates and suggestions for you to browse. View all engagements, including 24/7 Monitoring and Team Support, at a glance or go in depth to adjust based on your ever-changing needs.

            View our recommendations, organized by urgency, and choose how to handle each.

            Stay up to date on the latest and greatest with our recommendation engine. We continuously push updates to you to drive innovation and optimization.

            See everything you are doing with Trek10 from the priorities board including engagements, CloudOps, and recommendations.

            Change, add, or remove tasks based on ever-changing needs.

            Access a summary of support cases to stay up to date.

            Leverage reports to analyze usage of Team Support hours per month and optimize for future use.

            Access all documentation related to the engagement in a single source of truth.

            Our Customers

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            Trek10 is a customer-centric AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and AWS monitoring Partner wholly focused on AWS. Our 24/7 Monitoring service proactively enforces AWS best practices for resiliency and uptime.

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            Trek10 Proprietary Tools

            Leverage Our Catalog of Specialized AWS Monitoring Tools

            AWS Cost Anomaly Detection

            Use custom billing anomaly alerts to save thousands of dollars of accidental spending per month. We catch unnecessary resources accidentally left running in your AWS accounts.


            Leverage Pinger, a highly available and globally redundant service build on AWS Lambda, to monitor your services and ensure you know if anything goes wrong.

            S3 Object Auditor

            Safeguard your most sensitive data. Trek10’s S3 Auditor automatically ensures proper configuration of Amazon S3 buckets and prevents unwanted users from accessing data.

            AWS Vulnerability Detection & Alerting

            Continuously check for hundreds of known vulnerabilities such as open security groups, missing encryption, and more in your AWS account configurations with Trek10’s fully managed service. You are alerted of any vulnerability, and Trek10 advises on remediation. Audit reports are available for compliance.

            Instance Napper

            Utilize a tagging system to put your development and testing EC2 instances to sleep while they aren’t in use to save you operating costs. This tool has saved up to 75% on testing and development AWS billing.

            Trek10 Patch Manager

            Gain expert support as Patch Manager configures AWS Systems Manager and advises you on the best approaches for managing updates with DevOps best practices, receives notifications of patches, and handles running your updates. While the problem of patch management is as old as IT, the tools and solutions Trek10 develops are new.

            Other Tools?

            Can’t find what you are looking for? Trek10's suite of proprietary tools is not limited to the tools featured above, and we're always on the lookout for the absolute best tools available. If you have a preferred toolset, let us know. Creating custom integrations for clients is a popular request from our Team Support Clients.

            Focus Areas

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