AWS Industrial IoT POV by Trek10

Unlock data that’s only living on the factory floor with Trek10’s Industrial IoT POV.
Scott Fulnecky Trek10
Scott Fulnecky | Dec 10 2020

As more and more enterprises seek to nearshore manufacturing, supply chains, and modernize their operations in response to weaknesses exposed by the current pandemic, Digital Transformation through the adoption of Industrial IoT and advanced manufacturing practices is happening on an unprecedented scale.

In consideration of this, and in partnership with AWS, Trek10 has put together an Industrial IoT POV (Proof of Value) that seeks to quickly, efficiently, and affordably make the first steps of any well thought out Industry 4.0 roadmap easily attainable for medium to large scale manufacturers.

I’m pleased to present and was happy to host a recent webinar to discuss this very topic. If you have any questions or would like to discuss whether or not this or another solution aligns with your key initiatives and roadmap, please reach out to

Scott Fulnecky Trek10
Scott Fulnecky