AWS IoT Devices

In general IoT device platforms can be divided into two categories: Embedded Systems and Edge devices.

To develop a connected product with AWS, you need to select a platform–compatible with AWS– to run applications at the edge. But how exactly do you go about choosing one? In general IoT device platforms can be divided into two categories: Embedded Systems and Edge devices.

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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems are microcontroller-based devices that have a singular function (like gathering temperature data or turning a lightbulb on and off) with direct I/O access to sensors, actuators, and other assistant modules. Their form factor is typically more “physical”: designed to be embedded into physical elements such as shipping pallets or automobiles. Until recently, embedded also meant that they were power, processor, and memory constrained, but with the exponential acceleration in memory and battery technologies, this is becoming less and less the case.

Some examples of Embedded Systems are:

Edge Devices

Edge devices, on the other hand, is a more general purpose device. You will normally see edge devices represented as IoT “gateways” or “hubs” that run on some type of mini-PC running a traditional operating system such as Linux or Windows, and that is used to perform local device management, stream aggregation, and machine learning–among other advanced local tasks. These devices are used as an extension of the AWS cloud, and therefore, it is a requirement that they have enough computing power to perform operations such as container hosting, gigabyte size file storage, and plenty of RAM to manage both applications and connection pools to several endpoints.

Some Examples of edge devices are:

How Trek10 Can Help

Whether you want to develop an IoT Device that works in a remote setting running on a battery, or you want to configure an IoT gateway to ingest data from manufacturing equipment, we can help you leverage AWS solutions to connect any of the relevant platforms to the cloud. We have experience connecting IoT devices at large scales across many industries.