Amazon Kinesis

An AWS-managed service, Kinesis is a solution that allows users to analyze streaming data in real-time.

What is Amazon Kinesis?

An AWS managed service, Kinesis is a solution that allows users to analyze streaming data in real time. Kinesis has three main benefits, and four different services.

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Benefits of Amazon Kinesis

  • Real Time
    • Kinesis allows users to gain insights in seconds to minutes rather than hours to days.
  • Fully-Managed
    • Kinesis will run the user’s streaming applications without a need for the user to manage the infrastructure.
  • Scalable
    • Always with low latencies, Kinesis can handle and process any amount of streaming data from over a hundred thousand different sources.

Kinesis Services

  • Kinesis Video Streams
    • Using the Kinesis Video Streams SDK, camera devices stream video securely to AWS.
    • It ingests, stores, encrypts, and indexes video streams.
    • Provides real-time and batch analysis for machine learning application, video processing, and playback services.
  • Kinesis Data Streams
    • The user will capture and send data to Kinesis Data Streams which in turn ingests the data and stores the streams for processing.
    • Can continuously capture gigabytes of data per second from hundreds of thousands of sources.
    • Used to build applications, stream processing frameworks.
    • Can use this data to analyze using your own choice of BI tool.
  • Kinesis Data Firehose
    • After capturing and sending data to Kinesis Data Firehose, it will continuously prepare and load the data to the destination of your choice.
    • Can durably store the data in S3, Redshift, ElasticSearch, or Splunk.
    • The data can be analyzed using analytics tools.
    • Easiest way to capture, transform, and load data streams to AWS.
    • Provides near real time analytics with existing BI tools.
  • Kinesis Data Analytics
    • What is different here is the data is captured with Amazon MSK, Kinesis Data Streams or other services.
    • Kinesis Data Analytics queries and analyzes the data.
    • Has the ability to send results to analytics tools to create alerts to enable you to respond in real time.
    • Easiest way to process streams in real time with SQL or Apache Flink without the need for additional knowledge.

Use cases for Kinesis include building video analytics and real time applications, evolving from batch to real time analytics, and analyzing IoT streaming data.