AWS Lambda

With AWS Lambda, you can run code without the need for managing servers in a cost-effective manner.

AWS Lambda is one of the most revolutionary serverless compute services offered in cloud computing today, allowing you to easily run code for practically any type of application or backend service. Simply upload your code and Lambda automatically allocates the necessary compute resources and runs your code based on an incoming request or event. With Lambda, you can assign triggers from hundreds of other AWS services, endpoints, or in-application activity. When triggered, Lambda will run your code while only utilizing the compute resources necessary to carry out the process, translating to significant savings.

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  • Zero administration
  • No managing servers
  • Automatic and continuous scaling
  • Significant cost savings vs. non-serverless solutions
  • Only pay for compute time/resources consumed
  • Double-digit millisecond response time with enabled Provisioned Concurrency

Below are just a few of many applicable use cases for AWS Lambda.

Use Cases:

  • Data Processing
    • Real-time file processing
    • Real-time stream processing
    • Machine learning
  • Backends
    • Web applications
    • IoT backends
    • Mobile backends

Trek10 is one of the foremost industry leaders in serverless architectures and Lambda expertise on AWS. We are pros at building affordable, serverless AWS environments that scale seamlessly and offer unparalleled solutions to our customers. Contact us any time to discover how serverless and Lambda can revolutionize the way your company does business.