Industrial Machine Connectivity/Connected Factory

Connect to AWS IoT and gain visibility into output, quality, utilization, and maintenance of your factory operation.

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In addition to the full range of AWS IoT architecture and support capabilities, we offer an Industrial IoT Proof of Value (POV) solution. This POV jumpstarts your Industry 4.0 transition by unlocking and ingesting data from your machines into AWS gaining valuable insights from analytics, apply machine learning, and store the data for use by other business applications. It enables the visualization of incoming data in near real-time, data standardization, alarming, and notifications.

The POV engagement is designed to ingest data into AWS IoT SiteWise, which creates the assets and hierarchical models required to standardize that data, render it on monitors, and place it into an analytics application. This solution provides a single pane of glass overview of their manufacturing equipment's operations and performance in near real-time gaining visibility into Operational Technology (OT) data for Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

A Proof Of Concept (POC) Machine Learning Model is trained using the SiteWise data to showcase the realm of possibilities for leveraging the data collected from this POV. Implement or improve predictive maintenance capabilities and optimize preventative maintenance to avoid high scrap rates, lower quality products, contamination, and broken machinery by leveraging the Machine Learning POC included in the offer.

In addition to this POV Trek10 can provide other IoT, analytics, and machine learning services that streamline and enhance processes within IT systems by exposing data and gaining insights for ERP, MES, WMS, and other business units to use, send alerts and messages for detected anomalies and exceeded thresholds and other initiatives that align with your Industry 4.0 roadmap.