Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch makes performance monitoring simple for you and your business.

What is Amazon CloudWatch?

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Amazon CloudWatch is an AWS service that allows for basic-to-detailed performance monitoring of your applications and AWS environment resources within a single platform. The data captured by CloudWatch is organized in the form of logs which you can utilize to perform queries and identify trends or anomalies in compute performance, storage content, delivery, and AWS Management Console activity.

  • Monitor Applications and Systems (set thresholds and receive notifications)
  • Monitor AWS CloudTrail events (create alarms to notify you about specific API activity)
  • Retain logs indefinitely, or customize the retention periods
  • Log data for Route 53 DNS queries

CloudWatch is an ideal service for gaining insight into actionable data to keep your AWS environment running smoothly and securely. By archiving various logs, the ability to analyze data trends over longer periods of time also helps provide a framework for future planning of AWS environment changes as your company’s needs continue to evolve.

Trek10 is an industry expert in AWS monitoring, utilizing CloudWatch, other AWS services, and proprietary tools we have developed internally. Visit our CloudOps 24/7 Monitoring and Support page to learn more about how Trek10 can manage the performance and security of your AWS environment for you.