Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect provides superior customer service and support to your clients with ease.

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is an affordable omni-channel cloud-based contact center that enables companies to deliver advanced level support to customers without the burden of maintaining on-premise legacy systems.

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Amazon Connect notable features:

  • Agent assistance - provides all of the necessary information needed by agents in real-time to resolve issues for customers quickly
  • Customer profiles - creates unique customer profiles, allowing agents to deliver more personalized service calls with better insight into customer-specific activities and experiences, product details, and service information
  • Real-time analytics - analyzes contacts during a call via a live transcript to provide sentiment analysis scoring, keyword/phrase detection, and seamless sharing across departments, eliminating the need for customers to repeat themselves upon transfer
  • Task automation and management - automates, tracks, and manages tasks in addition to utilizing integrations for existing CRM applications, or APIs for integration with homegrown applications, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity
  • Caller authentication - uses machine learning-powered voice analysis to authenticate the identity of callers by creating a digital voiceprint eliminating the need to answer extensive security questions to verify your identity

All of these features and more have led to numerous Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike choosing Amazon Connect as their primary customer support service. Trek10 specializes in helping IoT companies and connecting industrial IoT hardware. We teach you how to follow the best practices for Amazon Connect for your IoT solution.