AWS Fargate

With AWS Fargate, Trek10 can help you simplify the deployment of container-based applications by abstracting away the underlying host infrastructure.

What is AWS Fargate?

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With AWS Fargate, you can deploy containers in AWS without managing any underlying host infrastructure. It compliments both of AWS’s container orchestration services, EKS & ECS: Those services will handle container orchestration, but instead of managing your own fleet of container hosts, you can just configure EKS & ECS to “use Fargate” and your containers are placed on their managed infrastructure in an isolated, secure environment.

This greatly reduces your infrastructure footprint while improving your security posture. It will also typically lead to a net cost savings (link to my blog post about AWS Fargate costs) because you only pay for the containers you run, not the underlying hosts. You can even utilize Fargate Spot to cut your costs by 80% or more.

Trek10 has been implementing AWS Fargate for our customers since the service launched. We can help you implement the infrastructure as code to deploy your containers on Fargate, design and implement your approach to continuous delivery of your application on Fargate infrastructure, and monitor & manage your Fargate deployments 24/7 with our CloudOps service. And if your application is not ready for container-based deployments, we can work with you to modernize it.