Trek10 Internet of Things (IOT)

Deep expertise in rapidly building scalable and cost-efficient IoT ecosystems on AWS

Ingest, Transform, Analyze, Visualize

Device Integration with the AWS Cloud

Trek10 helps you deliver on the promise of IoT by guiding you through the process of connecting your devices to AWS and by designing, implementing, and fully supporting your AWS cloud infrastructure. Our customers get reliable and secure IoT ecosystems compliant with best practices and built on a pay-per-use cost model.

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On-Site Design Sessions

Our on-site design sessions consist of spending time with our customers on-site to analyze and discuss the requirements and needs of an IoT project. We help customers tangibly visualize how their project could look after implementation, and deliver thorough documentation describing our discussions, findings, and proposed design.

IoT Architecture Build-Out

We are experts in building the infrastructure required to connect IoT devices to AWS; to ingest, process, analyze, and store data at massive scales; and to provide data access through APIs, dashboards, and data analysis tools.

Below, Andy Warzon, Trek10's CTO, presenting at re:Invent 2017. This session is an overview of IoT Analytics challenges and use cases with AWS customers, from Consumer IoT to Industrial IoT, and how AWS IoT Analytics helps customers solve these challenges.

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