Amazon Redshift

An AWS cloud data warehousing solution that stands out.

What is Amazon Redshift?

A SQL-based AWS cloud data warehousing solution for cloud applications to store and analyze data at scale. There are many different data warehousing solutions in the market however, Amazon Redshift stands out for the following reasons:

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  • Faster query speeds - Redshift data warehouse has faster query speeds at scale. This makes it easy to obtain meaningful insights from your data at any scale.
  • Ease of scalability - Redshift can be easily scaled in a matter of minutes. Unlike on-prem data warehousing solutions, AWS handles all the management and scaling aspects of Redshift. There is minimal management and intervention required to scale Redshift databases. Redshift has horizontal scaling and unlike traditional monolithic data warehouses, it scales out in nodes. Elastic resize can also be enabled to ensure the scaling happens with zero downtime. With the added benefit of concurrency scaling, you can get auto-scaling-like capabilities so that the cluster can automatically scale up and down.
  • Redshift ML - with the added integration of Sagemaker with Redshift, you can use traditional SQL commands to train your models and obtain inferences driving innovation with ML.
  • Cheaper with planned capacity - when Redshift is used with reserved instances the costs can be significantly reduced making it cheaper to run in the long run compared to having on-demand instances.
  • Security tools provided out-of-the-box - Redshift utilizes the security framework set forth by AWS, including VPC network isolation, granular security control, and encryption in rest and transit.
  • The added benefit of Redshift Spectrum - with Redshift spectrum you can directly query your data stored in Redshift without any major changes or management.
  • Ease of integration - Redshift is easily integrated with other services like Glue for additional data transformation or Sagemaker to create ML models directly from your clusters.