AWS Glue

AWS Glue makes it simple to prepare and load data for analytics.

What is AWS Glue?

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AWS Glue is a fully managed, scalable, serverless data ingestion service that enables customers to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data for analytics. Additionally, AWS Glue is capable of data discovery and associated metadata storage via the AWS Glue Data Catalog, allowing for immediate search and query capabilities.

  • Fast and automated data integration at scale
  • Visual and code-based interfaces for easier data integration
  • Create, run, and monitor ETL workflows without coding
  • Enrich, scrub, and standardize data
  • Create event-driven ETL pipelines
  • Build a unified catalog capable of identifying data across multiple data stores
  • No servers to manage

All of the necessary capabilities for data integration are built into AWS Glue making it easy to gain insight into your data and start putting it to use immediately. As a fully managed service, you no longer have to worry about infrastructure build or management, and you only pay for the resources you utilize!