Containers on AWS

Containers on AWS makes managing container registries easy, autonomous, reliable, and safe from anywhere.

What is Amazon Elastic Container Registry?

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) makes data storage, management sharing, and deployment possible from anywhere. With ECR there is no need to worry about managing one’s own repositories or infrastructure. ECR hosts data in user-friendly, performance architecture. Data inside containers can be shared privately inside of your organization.

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Benefits of Amazon ECR:

  • Security - Amazon ECR offers extensive security, compliance, and governance services. Security between containers is strong, seamless, updated regularly, and details access permissions for every container.
  • Reliability - Services are supported by a global infrastructure in 69 Availability Zones across 22 Regions. SLAs are available for all container services.
  • Integration - Deeply integrated with the breadth of AWS cloud services

Use Case / AWS Product:

  • Private Data - Public (and private) software sharing and deployment
  • Customization - Run containerized applications, build microservices
  • Run Anywhere - Even your own data center
  • Kubernetes Support - Create clusters and manage containers from anywhere with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS)
  • EKS Distro - Run EKS distribution
  • Automation - Automate container management and serverless deployments with AWS Proton
  • Hands Free - Run containers without managing servers with AWS Fargate
  • Server-Level-Control - Run containers with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Sorting - Containerize and migrate existing applications with AWS App2Container
  • Quick - Launch and manage containerized applications with ease and with AWS Copilot