AWS Glue DataBrew

Clean, normalize, analyze and adjust your datasets using AWS Glue Databrew.

What is AWS Glue DataBrew?

AWS Glue DataBrew is an interactive data preparation tool for cleaning, normalizing, analyzing, and adjusting datasets.

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You can upload a dataset or use data sources like Glue Data Catalog, RDS Aurora, Redshift, and S3. SDK and API access is also supported for pipeline integration.

Once the data is loaded, a subset of it will be accessible within the tool to analyze and manipulate. These transformations will be recorded in a recipe that can be used for many other datasets. A job can then be created to run the recipe on entire datasets and publish the results to an output location like S3.

Features of AWS Glue DataBrew

  • Serverless - Pay only for what you use
  • No code required
  • Over 250 pre-built transformations (extract, group, join, merge, normalize, pivot, remove, split, tokenize, etc.)
  • Profile and analyze data for detailed statistics, quality, and anomaly detection
  • Data Ingestion supports the following file formats - CSV, Excel, JSON, ORC, and Parquet
  • View dataset lineage - Know where the data comes from, and what interacts with it