Cloud-Native Immersion Day

Focused, high impact training sessions to expose your team to the latest cloud-native tech and practices.

Fast, fun, and effective

Focused, High Impact Cloud-Native Training

Trek10's Cloud-Native Immersion Days are focused, high impact training sessions that will drench your teams in knowledge of the latest tech and best-practices. Immersion Days are a hands-on learning approach delivered by experts that have "been-there-done-that"


Very knowledgeable and energetic speakers. Fun exercises, I liked the scaling difficulty. That was great. Thank you very much!

Core Topics

Building and Deploying Serverless APIs

Earn your very own "aha" moment of deploying your very own, massively scalable HTTP endpoint. We focus on AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) or Serverless Framework and how to build and deploy AWS Lambda functions behind an API.

Cost Optimization

Show me the money! We'll cover squeezing ever last ounce of value per dollar from cloud services, trimming off the fat, and how we approach our AWS bills. If you've ever looked at your AWS bill and winced a bit, this topic is for your team.

Databases & Data Storage

It's all about the data. How we get it, how we store it, and how we use it. We'll talk everything from S3 and DynamoDB to RDS and EFS. By the end, you'll have a great feel for the options and what data to store where.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

You've got buckets upon buckets of data, how can you make use of it. We'll cover building and maintaining ETL pipelines to extract value from your data. Let's talk AWS Glue, Step Functions, Athena, Redshift and more!

Event Driven & Event Sourced Systems

The world is a series of events, how you model, store and distribute those events is up to you. This module covers the latest techniques, technology and methodology for building event sourced and event driven systems.


AWS recognizes that “Security is Job Zero”, and this security topic will make sure your team has the knowledge they need to protect your cloud journey as they go. Keep yourself out of the news for the ever growing list of S3 bucket breaches.

How it Works

  • Pick Your Topics
  • Pre-Workshop Onboarding
  • 100% Remote
  • Learning Platform

Your workshop, your choice

First you pick the core topics you would like to cover. We will feature 1 core topic per day of training, these topics go deep and will take the majority of the day (4+ hours).

However, there is lots to learn, and we know teams usually have additional areas they have questions on related to their projects. We have a plethora of supplemental material, or even just general discussion around a topic of your choice.

Some supplemental topics include:

  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
  • Security Best Practices
  • Serverless Gotchas & Pain Points
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Cloud-Native Observability
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Release Engineering
  • Common Architecture Patterns
  • Project Layout
  • General discussion on topic of your choice (we'll bring an expert!)

Making sure we hit the ground running

We like our training sessions to be all about training, not fighting against a machine or configurations, so we get that stuff out of the way before our sessions together.

The week prior to a workshop, we distribute detailed instructions on what we expect individuals to have set up prior to our workshop. This includes software, command line interfaces and AWS account setup.

We offer an "office hours" the day before to give one-on-one attention to folks who need that extra bit of help setting up their machines to ensure that we hit the ground running the minute the workshop kicks off.

Meeting you where you are

Remote allows us to keep costs down while increasing participation capabilities. Whether folks are in the office, at home, or out on the beach, our training meets them where they are both in terms of location and skill level. We come into each session equipped with an online learning portal as well as video conferencing software.

1 day of training, 1 year of access

As part of the training, your team receives access to an online learning portal with their topics so they can always reference back for a refresh or catch up if they had to miss an hour or two. Access is granted for 1 year, and any updates to that core topic (the cloud moves fast!) are propagated back to them in the portal.

Packages & Pricing

1 Day Workshop

Take the plunge

For teams that want to understand more about Cloud-Native, get hands on experience and take away some best practices and where they should be focusing next to increase their impact and capabilities in the business.

This 1 Day package includes:

  • 1 core topic
  • Up to 2 supplemental topics
  • Pre-workshop support
  • 1 year of learning platform access

2 Day Workshop

Make the jump, come back for more

One day of training gets you going, the second day keeps the momentum. We'll be able to dive deep on a second core topic, keep those hands on keyboards, and leave excited to apply your newly gained knowledge and skills.

The 2 Day package includes:

  • 2 core topics
  • Up to 4 supplemental topics
  • Pre-workshop support
  • 1 year of learning platform access

4 Day Workshop

All in, teach us everything

You get the value prop, you are on a mission to skill up the team and get them moving. We'll work closely with the team to make sure they are well versed in Cloud-Native and ready to sink their teeth into a project.

Typically we spread this engagement across multiple-weeks with two 2 day sessions.

  • 4 core topics (suggest 1 of your own!)
  • As many supplemental topics as we can fit
  • Pre-workshop support
  • 1 year of learning platform access
  • Post-workshop question session

$10 Million+ of Cloud-Native, Cloud-First Experience

Trek10 has been delivering Cloud-Native solutions since 2014, and we've learned a thing or two along the way. Our training distills the bests of what we have learned into dynamic, compact sessions.


Want to go bigger and dive deeper?

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