24/7 Monitoring

Indy Racing, From 0 to Full Operations in Just a Few Days

“If I had it to decide all over again, I would pick Trek10. It’s been seamless working with them for the past five years.” - Shonda Kennedy at Indy Racing

Trek10 Ensures 24/7 Reliability for Indy Racing

If you’ve wondered what it would be like to drive an Indy race car, you’re not alone. Nationwide, the Indy Racing Experience has given thousands of fans the chance to suit up and race around the tracks like pro drivers.

Ensure Operational Success and Maximize Application Uptime

Solve application issues before they impact your users. Our team responds to anomalies within 15 minutes using runbook actions to ensure swift remediation.

24/7 Monitoring at Trek10

To fuel this, Indy Racing needs a robust website: a ticket booking system with 24/7 reliability, and an online shop for merch. This site is a critical source of revenue for them. To ensure it never goes down, they lean on 24/7 CloudOps support from Trek10.

Why Trek10?

In 2013, Indy Racing contracted with DeveloperTown to create a whole new website. The site runs on AWS, and the Indy team needed someone who could build out robust monitoring for the environment and manage the day-to-day operations side for them.

“Honestly, we didn’t even have to talk to a bunch of different teams before we made our decision. Trek10 came so highly recommended from the people we talked to, they were our first and only choice.” - Shonda Kennedy, General Manager at Indy Racing

From 0 to Full Operations

The experts at Trek10 spun up a fully operationalized, production AWS environment for Indy Racing—pre-baked with DevOps and automated cloud infrastructure best practices—and put a secure monitoring environment in place.

The Trek10 team keeps the site in great shape by proactively monitoring system health and security, even working together with the original developers behind the scenes whenever necessary.

If the Indy team has any urgent issues, Trek10 is available 24/7 to help.

“Under Trek10’s watch, there have been essentially no issues with our site for the past 5 years.” - Shonda Kennedy

Resolve Outages in Minutes Instead of Hours

A few years ago, an Indy Racing customer was trying to book an experience, but the transaction kept erroring. With its 15-minute response SLA, Trek10 was on the issue immediately.

Trek10 found the underlying issue was with authorize.net, the third-party payment authorization system the site was using to process credit cards. They contacted authorize.net themselves and had the site functioning perfectly again in thirty minutes flat.

“Trek10 handled this with incredible efficiency and the matter was taken care of in minutes. It could have easily been hours if not for their diligence.” - Shonda Kennedy

The Bottom Line — Good for Business

Trek10 handles website operations top to bottom, meaning Indy Racing doesn’t even need to have a full-time IT person on staff.

“Not only does this save us a paycheck, but gets us a whole team of people who can manage the site 24/7 so it’s always up and running for ticket sales. We don’t have to worry about it.” - Shonda Kennedy

Plus, the Indy Racing team is constantly traveling; their work takes them to different tracks all over the country. They love that they can send off an email or pick up the phone and hear back from Trek10 immediately. This makes it easier for them to have on-the-go jobs and keep their customers happy at the same time.

“If I had it to decide all over again, I would pick Trek10. It’s been seamless working with them for the past five years.” - Shonda Kennedy