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Container-Based Architectures

With Docker’s recent rise to prominence, enterprises are beginning to look at how they can leverage container technology to improve software delivery and system operations.

Containers consist of an application, its configurations, and all of its dependencies, enabling portability and consistent performance across any environment. Trek10 is a Docker Authorized Consulting Partner and expert at helping organizations increase operational efficiency by running containers on AWS.

Trek10 has demonstrated their expertise in helping enterprise customers streamline the application deployment process all the way through production using Docker. Additionally, as an AWS Advanced partner, Trek10’s team of highly qualified professionals are well positioned to help organizations realize the business value of Docker on AWS.” said Alan Geary, Sr. Director of Channel and Alliance Sales at Docker, about Trek10.

Dockerizing Your Applications

Our team of DevOps and software development experts can quickly “Dockerize” your application, making it available for use with ECS. This is a great way to kick-start your initiative, when paired with Docker training can build momentum into an organization-wide effort.

Running Docker on AWS

Trek10 is an expert in the EC2 Container Service (ECS), with multiple production deployments since it was released in April. Add to this DevOps experts who deeply understand software developers and their needs along with a broad AWS expertise that spans a wide variety of services, and the result is a team that can take an organization’s Docker/ECS practice from zero to full speed.

Software & Implementation

Trek10 can leverage our lightweight, self-hosted platform for simplifying ECS deployments to bring your organization onto ECS quickly. We can also leverage our library of CloudFormation templates along with our extensive knowledge and experience, customizing an ECS solution that meets your team’s needs in a maintainable, extensible way.

Docker & ECS Quick Start Training

Our training services include half and full-day sessions on a variety of topics, and can be mixed and matched to meet your specific needs.

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