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We Design, Build, & Support Serverless Apps

With multiple production deployments under our belt, Trek10 has established a solid reputation as an expert at designing, building, operationalizing, and supporting serverless applications. We were the first Serverless Partner, and our demonstrated knowledge on core AWS services that are common to serverless architectures has resulted in Trek10 also being recognized by AWS as a Service Delivery Partner for AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon DynamoDB.

At Trek10, we believe that AWS Lambda, and "serverless" in general, have already proven to be incredibly disruptive. In fact, we'll go so far as to say that AWS Lambda has finally delivered on the cloud promise.

"Trek 10 puts 'professional' in professional services. Their expertise in serverless architecture has kept our costs exceptionally low, and they provide managed services that allow us to focus on growing our business." - Brent Buck, President & CEO, Ajax Analytics

"When I started at AWS, it really took a distributed systems expert to create an application in the cloud, somebody who could understand things like multiple availability zones and redundancy. And when I left, we had high school students creating Alexa skills that ran on Lambda, doing voice-enabled applications, and in many cases they didn’t even know what EC2 was."

"They were blissfully ignorant of the challenges of building and scaling and operating and provisioning cloud infrastructure. That’s the thing I’m most proud of." - Tim Wagner, VP of Engineering at Coinbase - from the Serverless Superheroes series by Forrest Brazeal

Common Serverless Use Cases

Web & Mobile Apps

Serverless infrastructures dramatically reduce the complexity associated with building and scaling web and mobile applications by accounting for spikes in demand automatically, while at the same time enabling a high level of extensibility that comes from true service independence. And, for applications that are not heavily loaded 24/7, paying for just the compute you use with Lambda can be significantly less expensive than paying for EC2 instances. Learn more about how Amazon EC2 costs stack up against vs AWS Lambda costs across various scenarios here.

Media Management

A serverless approach to building greenfield media management solutions, or re-architecting legacy systems, removes the undifferentiated heavy lifting associated with configuring and managing traditional infrastructure, and results in more usable, more secure, and higher performant systems that run at a fraction of the cost of other options.

Not to mention, AWS Lambda's performance at handling core media management tasks is unparalleled, and the ability to seamlessly add on to and integrate the system to accommodate future needs, by simply invoking AWS Lambda functions on events, means new apps/features get shipped more quickly and more often, and time-to-value can be dramatically reduced. But it's not all roses. We unpacked this a bit on our Think Faas Podcast, ‘Zip It and Ship It: Serverless Deployments on AWS.’

IoT (Internet of Things)

AWS Lambda and event-driven architectures are a natural fit for IoT backends, and for some use cases, they can be complete game-changers. For instance, running AWS Lambda locally on AWS Greengrass can significantly lower the cost of transmitting device data to the cloud, and pairing it with core AWS services, such as AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) to manage those Greengrass Lambdas, Amazon Kinesis for device data telemetry and analysis, or writing directly to Amazon DynamoDB, are just a few of the possibilities. Learn more about building IoT solutions on AWS.

Workflows & Processes

With no servers to manage or patch and a true pay-per-use pricing model, serverless enables you to move faster and build more complex scripts and jobs without introducing too much management overhead. We discuss how we've implemented event-driven solutions for our own internal processes in this blog post.


AWS provides the broadest and deepest capabilities and the largest global infrastructure for building end-to-end blockchain platforms. Trek10 is one of only five AWS Block Chain Consulting Partners, offering the expertise required to leverage powerful AWS platform services and other cutting-edge technologies to design and build innovative blockchain and distributed ledger solutions.

Popular Serverless Engagements

  • Serverless Design & Build

    Trek10 has a deep understanding of both the benefits of adopting serverless, and the challenges associated with creating the culture necessary to move forward with confidence. Based on our team's collective experience and constant feedback from our clients, we feel that needs of most companies we talk to will align with one of the following engagement models.

  • Enterprise Enablement: Serverless Jumpstart

    Trek10 will help your team get started with serverless by implementing a work-ready serverless "seed environment" and associated build pipeline designed to enable developers to start writing code quickly and focus on creativity and business logic.

  • On-Demand Serverless Accelerator

    Trek10 can dramatically accelerate the pace of your serverless project through a consultative, "serverless office hours" style approach. Leverage our serverless gurus and Trek10's collective experience (successes and failures) to identify and avoid pitfalls, experience quick wins, and enable your team to get it right the first time.

  • Tactical Workshop & War Room

    A Day of Learning | A Day of Doing: The goal of the Tactical Workshop & War Room engagement is to familiarize your organization with the impact of serverless and explore how you can reap the benefits. Armed with that knowledge, we’ll take the energy coming out of the workshop to sit down with a small team, get hands-on and build something that can drive new business features or services the very next day. Learn more.

  • A Cloud Guru Serverless Workshops

    A Cloud Guru has partnered with Trek10 its bring its hands-on masterclass serverless workshops directly to your teams. The immersive and innovative full-day workshops are taught by practitioners who eat, breathe, and sleep serverless technology all day. Each workshop is designed to help your teams understand the benefits of serverless using common architecture patterns. By the end of the full-day workshop you'll leave with the skills and knowledge to build your own serverless application.

Ready to go?

Tell us about your project and let's explore the possibilities.

Serverless Resources

  • From the Serverless Gurus at Trek10

    Serverless Workflows for the Enterprise - AWS Online Tech Talks

    Join Forrest Brazeal, Senior Cloud Architect at Trek10 and AWS Serverless Hero, and Chris Munns, Principal Developer Advocate at AWS, to learn how to seamlessly build and deploy serverless applications across multiple teams in large organizations. In this tech talk, Forrest will demonstrate best practices for automating IAM approvals, performing local testing and debugging, managing secrets, creating dynamic feature branch pipelines, using versioning vs. stack duplication for team collaboration, and more.

    Play Video
    Video: Serverless for the Enterprise

    In this talk recorded at IT Weekend Ukraine 2018, Forrest Brazeal, Senior Cloud Architect at Trek10, explores how serverless computing can reduce total cost of ownership and time to market for cloud organizations, as well as best practices to consider when migrating applications. Related - check out Forrest's recent post, The Business Case For Serverless.

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    Video: How To Win Coworkers & Influence Organizations

    Great session by Forrest Brazeal and Jared Short from Serverlessconf San Francisco. Jump over to A Cloud Guru and check out ‘How to Win Coworkers and Influence Organizations for Serverless’, aka, 'Two strange men that care very much about #serverless.'

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    Think FaaS Podcast

    Hosted by Forrest Brazeal and Jared Short, 'Think FaaS' is where we learn about serverless computing in less time than it takes to run an AWS Lambda function. So put five minutes on the clock - it’s time to ‘Think FaaS!’

    Think FaaS!
    Video: Serverless & GraphQL (QCon San Francisco)

    Jared Short, Director of Innovation at Trek10, presenting at QCon San Francisco. Jared dives into why, how, and when to pair Serverless & GraphQL, with takeaways for implementing the first greenfield Serverless GraphQL API or migrating existing APIs."

    Play Video
    Video: Global Resiliency when going Serverless (Serverlessconf NYC)

    Jared Short, Director of Innovation at Trek10, presenting at Serverlessconf NYC. With people buying into the Serverless paradigm at an unprecedented rate, one of the most common questions left without a satisfactory answer is how to approach a multi-region scenario.

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    Video: Single Page Apps & Serverless without Compromise (Serverlessconf Austin)

    Jared Short, Director of Innovation at Trek10, presenting at Serverlessconf Austin. "Serverless is great for single page apps, backed with APIs. But are you giving up SEO, performance, or cost? I talk about building an app E2E including HTML rendering. I have some use cases, tricks, tips and examples, and things learned from building and other projects entirely without servers."

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    Case Study: GraphQL and Rendering HTML with Serverless
    Trek10 designed and built a serverless infrastructure, using the Serverless Framework, for PlayBrain that is centered on event-driven computing with AWS Lambda. The architecture in all cases relies on the highly performant GraphQL, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB (GLAD) stack and CloudFront for edge caching of static content to speed up read times of the application content. Case Study
    Video: Single-Page Apps & Going All In On Serverless Architecture (Heavybit)

    Jared Short, Director of Innovation at Trek10, presenting at the SF Serverless Meetup, "A Deep Dive Into Serverless Challenges & Solutions. Having a single-page app driving APIs creates polished and user friendly apps. But what about SEO? Performance? Deep linking?""

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    Video: Serverless GraphQL (Serverlessconf London)

    Jared Short, Director of Innovation at Trek10, presenting at Serverlessconf London. "One of the benefits of AWS Lambda is that it's hard to overwhelm, scaling to thousands of hits per second is trivial. You create a single entry point to your entire graph, and from there you can map to other functions, disparate data sources, or even your normal micro-services. A core tenet of the Serverless paradigm is that everything you do should painlessly scale horizontally."

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    Video: Lambda Functions and Serverless Architectures

    Jared Short, Director of Innovation at Trek10, presenting at the AWS Chicago Meetup. "AWS Lambda enables developers to write small pieces of code that AWS will run in response to events, on infinitely scalable containers... it's AWESOME!"

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    Video: Serverless Use Cases & Architectures

    Serverless is the buzzword of the year, but what is it really? What does it mean for you, your business, and your future? Trek10 Serverless gurus Andy Warzon and Jared Short discuss what Serverless is, what it isn’t, and how things like AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework apply to your use cases.

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    CloudProse Blog: Serverless Channel

    The future of cloud is serverless, and our engineers are highlighting the movement here. Keep up with serverless news and gain some optics into the processes and people that keep Trek10 on the bleeding edge.

    Serverless Blog
    Trek10 GitHub: Open Source Utilities from Trek10

    Check out Lambda Error Hound, Serverless Secrets, Awsume, Serverless Base Path Plugin, Serverless Cognito Manager, LambdaClock, Serverless Slackbot and more.

    GitHub Repo

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