DevOps for Serverless Applications

Teams are using serverless architectures to dramatically increase the pace at which they can move from idea to deployed application while also reducing their infrastructure and operational costs....

Nick Caston in trek10 Less than 1 minute


The Business Case For Serverless

Serverless is the rare technology that gets business leaders just as excited as engineers. That’s because (surprise!) it’s not really about technology at all. At its heart, the...

Forrest Brazeal in aws 10 minutes


How Reliable is Lambda Cron?

Its more formal and slightly less catchy name is Cloudwatch Events with a Scheduled Event Source and a Lambda Target… but we think “Lambda Cron” just rolls off...

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Serverless Architectures: S3 Data Loading

Serverless on AWS represents a new way to architect highly performant, highly resilient, and very low-maintenance cloud-native systems. In this occasional series, we’re going to review some interesting...

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