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Proactive Monitoring, Automation, and Management

Deploying to AWS already gives your business a huge advantage in terms of uptime and manageability, but you still have an infrastructure to monitor and manage. This is where Trek10 CloudOps comes in. CloudOps is a managed service specifically designed for Amazon Web Services. For one low fee, we wrap together the tools specifically designed for AWS deployments with a 24/7 technical response team that is trained in AWS.

Trek10 is one of the newest members of the elite audited group of AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partners. The AWS Managed Service Provider program requires a rigorous third-party audit and validates Trek10’s comprehensive processes, breadth of knowledge, and depth of AWS expertise. Individual members of the team are also heavily certified by AWS for their knowledge on DevOps, SysOps, Architecture, and Security.

What is CloudOps?

Focused Support for AWS

What does a managed service actually look like when your only optics into pieces of your infrastructure are through APIs and metrics? With years of experience configuring and supporting AWS platform services at enterprise scale, Trek10 is leading the definition and execution of support in this new world.

Highly Experienced, AWS Certified Team

Tools and best practices are a good start, but you’re creating a partnership with people. With Trek10, you have access to one of the most expert, 100% AWS focused, engineering teams in the world... a team who lives & breaths AWS, and is committed to continuous improvement of your environment... a team that prides itself on helping you sleep at night.

Managed Security for AWS

Best practice configurations, continuous vulnerability scanning, ongoing threat and anomaly detection, detecting public S3 objects, and more.

Cutting Edge Tools

Trek10 is constantly innovating and releasing new tools to keep you on the cutting edge of AWS security and management.
Complimenting well established best practices that promote continuous improvement and noise reduction, Trek10 offers a suite of proprietary tools created from the ground up for AWS, for additional monitoring & security, such as scanning for inadvertently public S3 objects, integration with AWS Guard Duty, and AWS cost anomaly detection.

Interested in learning more?

Connect with our team to learn what Trek10 CloudOps can do for you.

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