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Proactive Monitoring, Automation, and Management

Deploying to AWS already gives your business a huge advantage in terms of uptime and manageability, but you still have an infrastructure to monitor and manage. This is where Trek10 CloudOps comes in. CloudOps is a managed service specifically designed for Amazon Web Services. For one low fee, we wrap together the tools specifically designed for AWS deployments with a 24/7 technical response team that is trained in AWS.

Trek10 is one of the newest members of the elite audited group of AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partners. The AWS Managed Service Provider program requires a rigorous third-party audit and validates Trek10’s comprehensive processes, breadth of knowledge, and depth of AWS expertise. Individual members of the team are also heavily certified by AWS for their knowledge on DevOps, SysOps, Architecture, and Security.

"Trek10 provides us with all of the operations expertise we need, so that we can focus on our core competency - building software. And when our team is interested in gaining a better understanding the technical details, the Trek10 team is patient and effective with transferring knowledge and enabling our team." - Dustin Rasener, CTO, Clear Software

What is CloudOps?

Focused Support for AWS

What does a managed service actually look like when your only optics into pieces of your infrastructure are through APIs and metrics? With years of experience configuring and supporting AWS platform services at enterprise scale, Trek10 is leading the definition and execution of support in this new world.

Highly Experienced, AWS Certified Team

Tools and best practices are a good start, but you’re creating a partnership with people. With Trek10, you have access to one of the most expert, 100% AWS focused, engineering teams in the world... a team who lives & breaths AWS, and is committed to continuous improvement of your environment... a team that prides itself on helping you sleep at night.

Managed Security for AWS

Best practice configurations, continuous vulnerability scanning, ongoing threat and anomaly detection, detecting public S3 objects, and more.

Cutting Edge Tools

Trek10 is constantly innovating and releasing new tools to keep you on the cutting edge of AWS security and management.
Complimenting well established best practices that promote continuous improvement and noise reduction, Trek10 offers a suite of proprietary tools created from the ground up for AWS, for additional monitoring & security, such as scanning for inadvertently public S3 objects, integration with AWS Guard Duty, and AWS cost anomaly detection.

Expert Tooling

Trek10 is constantly innovating and releasing new tools to keep our Clients on the cutting edge of AWS security and management. Complementing well established best practices that promote continuous improvement and innovation, Trek10 offers a suite of proprietary tools created from the ground up for AWS. Never wanting to recreate functionality that is already better done in AWS or a fill in the gaps third party tool, we seek to build only those tools that enable our Team Support and CloudOps Clients to more confidently and securely leverage AWS to the fullest.


Harbor is the central entry point for Clients interacting with Trek10. Clients can quickly gain deeper optics into their AWS environment, review any open tickets, and view custom dashboards directly in Harbor or SSO to other tools and dive deep.


We decided to build our own uptime monitoring tool to handle our unique requirements as an AWS Managed Service Provider Partner, as well as to tightly integrate it with Datadog. Pinger also includes custom features for monitoring SSL and domain expiration - which has saved more than one client from the dreaded SSL expiration outage!

As heavy Serverless users, we of course built it with Lambda, so it's highly available, and it runs in five AWS Regions globally so it relies on no shared dependencies with the workloads it is monitoring, or even shared continents! We view Pinger as our “last line of defense." We strive to catch problems before an outage, but if not, or in the case of a catastrophic outage, Pinger will always be running somewhere around the globe and will notify us of a problem.

 S3 Object Auditor

Trek10’s S3 Object Auditor goes above and beyond AWS’s basic functionality by scanning S3 buckets with 100’s of millions of objects (at the object level) and finding any S3 objects that may have been inadvertently made public. AWS Macie provides the same visibility into S3 objects, but we do it for way less money!

 AWS Vulnerability Detection & Alerting

Trek10 fully manages a service that continuously checks for hundreds of known vulnerabilities in your AWS account configurations such as open security groups, missing encryption, and more. Clients are alerted of any vulnerablity, and Trek10 advises on remediation. Audit reports are available for compliance.

 Tag Mapper

Another commmon Client need, Tag Mapper helps our clients identify and manage infrastructure spawning without their knowledge, by enforcing tagging standards.

 CloudFront/S3/ELB Log Parser

Our custom utility pushes data from S3, CloudFront, and ELB access logs, allowing Trek10's CloudOps team and our Clients to understand sources of errors and traffic quickly, without a costly full log management system.

 AWS Cost Anomaly Detection

Custom billing anomaly alerting and detection. We save Clients thousands of dollars of accidental spending per month by catching unnecessary resources accidentally left running in our Clients' AWS accounts.

 Dog-bone Dug Up

Dog-Bone Dug Up was designed to catch scenarios where our Clients' critical production infrastructure is not being monitored.

 Trek10 Patch Manager

The problem of patch management is as old as IT, but the tools and solutions are new. Trek10 is an expert at patch management on AWS. Patch Manager configures AWS Systems Manager and advises you on the best approaches for managing updates with DevOps best practices, receives notifications of patches, and handles running your updates.

 Other Tools?

Not finding what you are looking for? Trek10's suite of proprietary tools is not limited to the tools featured above, and we're always on the lookout for the absolute best tools available. If you have a preferred toolset, let us know. Creating custom integrations for clients is a popular request from our Team Support Clients.

Interested in learning more?

Connect with our team to learn what Trek10 CloudOps can do for you.

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