Jr. Cloud Engineer

Tab Kenney

Retired Homebrewer. Amateur Cyclist. Python Enthusiast.

Hi there, my name is Tab Kenney! I was born and raised in the Westfield, Indiana, and earned my Bachelor of Arts at Wabash College. I rode a bike older than myself across Iowa a few years ago, armed with thirty miles of road-biking training and hopes ready to be crushed. I studied in Amman, Jordan for nine months, showing up with the knowledge of one Arabic word. In my free time, I enjoy a nice ride along Indianapolis’s Monon Trail, studying Machine Learning and DevOps, and searching for the finest Midwestern coffee shop with the best Dirty Hippie recipe. I enjoy a nice challenge and a good experience, and I’m excited to be part of Trek10’s team and working for our clients.

I work primarily with Trek10’s CloudOps team, which is our 24/7 monitoring division, working towards mitigating issues for our clients that may arise from their cloud architectures. From making Datadog monitors and modifying Python code and CloudFormation templates, to onboarding new clients and aiming to provide them with the best experience possible, I enjoy wearing multiple hats within this company.