Senior Cloud Architect

Matt Skillman

Ambitious. Honest. Taciturn.

I am a Senior Cloud Architect here at Trek10. My biggest professional goal is to hopefully be the kind of developer that people look up to someday, both in terms of domain-specific knowledge and approach-ability for support in solving issues together. Several of my most relevant and recent achievements include attendance of DeveloperWeek's 2020 Hackathon in San Francisco, in which I essentially replicated YubiKey's OTP validation server in Python, and completion of the first three chapters of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs by Sussman and Abelson from MIT, which managed to completely live up to the hype surrounding this book.
A quirky fact about me would be that I can only use the Dvorak keyboard layout, as I started using it in high school after becoming convinced that it was more efficient than QWERTY. Outside of work, when I am not typing on my Dvorak keyboard, you'll find me either cooking chicken stir-fry from scratch, reading about software architecture, or daydreaming about whether Panera Bread is fast food or fine dining.