Security Team Lead

Mike Norris

Spontaneous. Fun. Determined.

Mike is an avid technologist and consumer electronics junkie who has spent the last 14 years navigating the world of traditional IT infrastructure (blegh!), more recently finding the light at the end of the tunnel, and transgressing into the new world that is cloud/serverless/infrastructure as code. With Developer Associate and SA Associate, SA Pro and Advanced Security certs under his belt, it goes without saying that all things cloud/AWS and security really tickle his fancy.

When Mike isn’t busy helping his team however he can, including keeping office morale and cheer at all time highs, he enjoys working towards his next certification goals and expanding his skillset as it pertains to all things AWS and Security (because when do they ever stop releasing new things to learn). Separate but equally illustrious, Mike is a world renown burrito connoisseur and professional rubber chicken slinger. If all that weren't enough, he is also an avid photographer.