Principal Architect

Mike Herrera

Soup Fiend. Tinkerer. SpaceX Fanboy.

Mike started his career on the business side of the newspaper publishing industry where he began as an internal customer to the Technology department, eagerly jumping at every opportunity to aid in the advancement of systems and processes. In quick order, he transitioned to the “other side”, moving through the ranks of systems analyst to various engineering roles, to eventually leading the charge of migrating all on-premise, mission critical content management and delivery systems to AWS. This also opened the door for championing the adoption of containers and serverless patterns everywhere possible.

Throughout this journey, he strove to never lose sight of his origin on the business side, having the perspective to know the importance of being customer centric first and foremost. This along with the ability to work with highly talented, passionate individuals exclusively within AWS is what attracted Mike to Trek10.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys live music and camping, taking up endless DIY projects around his house, putting together large Lego sets, and the full, immersive experience of traveling anywhere and everywhere. He likes to go off the beaten path. Mike finds airports and planes to be highly productive places.