Senior Architect

Jacob Baloul

Creative. Driven. Happy =]

Family guy. Old school hacker. Startup geek. Mentor. Foodie.

With 20 years IT experience, Jacob has handled and developed some of the worlds' most complex and mission critical systems for the biggest brands around the globe with a focus on Customer Success and a passion for architecting High Performance Computing at Scale. He has worked with the best of breed professionals in the travel, communications, eCommerce, and security industries.

Jacob, software patent developer, Computer Science major & 5X Certified AWS, including AWS SA Pro & AWS DevOps Engineer Pro, has been building enterprise software in the AWS Cloud for over 10 years. And before AWS was a pioneer in virtualization, he was hacking Linux Kernels to build custom hypervisors and tailored HPC clusters as private clouds in international Colo's and DataCenters.