Cloud Cybersecurity Engineer

Daryl McNutt

Techy. Gamer. Resourceful.

As a Cloud Cybersecurity Engineer, I work to implement various controls and protection efforts to achieve a sound security posture and ensure regulations and compliance policies are met.

Prior to my new role at Trek10, I was a Cybersecurity Analyst for 4 years, and focused primarily on organizational best practices and NIST compliance. I have always wanted to take what I know and apply it to what I consider to be the future of Organization Technical Architecture - The Cloud. For me, Trek10 is more than just my next job. Trek10 is the next phase of my career where I can specialize and truly pursue my passion for Cybersecurity.

I currently hold an Associate's degree in applied sciences, three Cybersecurity certifications; SEC+, CySA+, CASP, and am working to finish my Bachelor's Degree. I am engaged as well as a dog/cat dad with a love for technology, computers, and the outdoors. I often spend my weekends with my family, banging my head against the latest technical problem, or playing video games.