Senior Cloud Engineer

Daniella D'Souza

Maximizer. Lifelong learner. Coach/Gardener (plants, people, ideas)

Daniella is a Senior Cloud Engineer at Trek10, obsessed with helping clients with their digital transformation using AWS Cloud. Trek10 gives Daniella the opportunity to challenge herself everyday to meet the demands of the job, while at the same time providing her with a safe and supporting environment to grow her professional and leadership skills.

Prior to Trek10, she worked as a DevOps Engineer at IBM focused on Observability via solutions developed using AI and ML. She has extensive experience working with Payment Processing systems and developing Hospitality solutions for restaurants with a focus on Event Driven Architecture. In her free time, she enjoys coaching students of all ages (5 - 85), via her after school Coding and Robotics program and community outreach activities with the Dallas SWE (Society of Women Engineers) and Women Who Code (San Francisco).