Cloud Engineer

Chelsey Sexton

Organizational Addict. Lover of Puzzles. Cat mom.

Recent graduate of Eleven Fifty Academy and brand new to Trek10! I'm excited to be here and to learn and grow as a developer and an individual.

During my time at Eleven Fifty I learned React / TypeScript / Javascript / HTML / CSS / Postman / Git and I've also played around in Python, PHP and Ruby a little bit in my own time. I'm excited to get a deeper dive into Python and to get to know AWS.

Before starting my journey at Eleven Fifty, I was a Pharmacy Technician for about 7+ years in a retail setting and have a lot of familiarity with customer-facing roles.

I have a cat named Coconut, who swears she's never been fed a day in her life and whose past time is lounging in the sun. I also enjoy solving puzzles and taking things apart to see how they work.