Cloud Engineer

Cody Kankel

Data Center Convert. Computing Enthusiast. Cat Man.

Beginning his career in the data center, Cody is now embracing serverless without abandoning the lessons learned from the HPC field. Shifting his focus from on premise massively parallel systems and scalable technologies to the cloud native mindset, he is still obsessed with the wonders of fine tuned automation and the ever-present dominance of Linux.

Cody is passionate about many areas of computing ranging from containerization to maintaining physical switches on 30+ year old keyboards. Fueled by this passion of legacy meets bleeding edge, Cody endlessly hones his programming polyglot skills on random Linux distributions while surrounding himself with yellowing beige components of yesteryear.

Cody holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Indiana University South Bend. He can almost always be found near arcade cabinets, arm deep in a huge computer case, or at the nearest bourbon distillery.