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Serverless & Event-Driven Architectures

Trek10 is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and proud Serverless Partner. An early adopter of AWS Lambda and the monstrously scalable JAWS Framework, Trek10 is expert at building serverless architectures with multiple enterprise production deployments under its belt. Trek10 believes that Lambda is an incredibly disruptive AWS technology.

Pair it with other AWS platform services such as API Gateway, DynamoDB, and S3, as well as the Serverless Framework, an amazing open source, application framework that has redefined developer workflows for these technologies, and any startup or enterprise has the ability to build massively scalable systems without a massive budget.

What is AWS Lambda? If you like massively scalable and robust, incredibly low-cost systems, it is pretty much heaven. Every function has its own container and can be triggered by a variety of AWS events. You only pay when the function runs and don’t need to worry about provisioning the underlying servers.

"Serverless will fundamentally change how we build business around technology and how you code." Simon Wardley, researcher for the Leading Edge Forum.

Trek10 is expert in making Serverless work for you.

Why Serverless?
  • Unlimited scalability with minimal effort
  • No servers to manage or patch
  • True pay-per-use pricing
  • Unprecedented developer agility
  • Enterprise-grade security and redundancy
  • Repeatable, code-defined infrastructure
  • Every function isolated in its own container
Why Trek10 for Serverless?
  • Trek10 was the first Serverless consultant
  • Unparalleled serverless architecture design experience
  • Expert code-defined infrastructure implementation
  • Customized Serverless training engagements
  • Deep knowledge of API Gateway, DynamoDB, and Lambda
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Support by engineers who know Serverless

Common Use Cases

IoT Systems
You can easily build backends using AWS Lambda and Amazon Kinesis for Internet of Things (IoT) device data telemetry and analysis. Learn more about the AWS IoT Platform.
Scalable Web Apps
Serverless can dramatically reduce complexity associated with scalable apps, while losing very little in terms of flexibility. And, for apps that are not heavily loaded 24/7, paying for just the compute you use with Lambda can be significantly less expensive than paying for EC2 instances.
Media Management
A Serverless approach to Media Management enables massive scalability at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure.
Workflows & Processes
Serverless enables you to move faster and build more complex scripts and jobs without introducing too much management overhead. Here's a blog post on how Trek10 has implemented Serverless for internal processes.
  • Serverless Resources

    Case Study: GraphQL and Rendering HTML with Serverless
    Trek10 designed and built a serverless infrastructure, using the Serverless Framework, for PlayBrain that is centered around event-driven computing with AWS Lambda. The architecture in all cases relies on the highly performant GraphQL, Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB (GLAD) stack and CloudFront for edge caching of static content to speed up read times of the application content. View
    Video: Single-Page Apps & Going All In On Serverless Architecture
    Jared Short, Director of DevOps at Trek10, presenting at the SF Serverless Meetup, "A Deep Dive Into Serverless Challenges & Solutions." Having a single-page app driving APIs creates polished and user friendly apps. But what about SEO? Performance? Deep linking? In this talk Jared Short, Director of Innovation (& Awesomeness) at Trek10, explores some challenges and solutions when going all in on a serverless architecture for single-page apps. View
    Video: Serverless GraphQL
    Jared Short, Director of DevOps at Trek10, presenting at Serverlessconf London. Video
    Video: Lambda Functions and Serverless Architectures
    Jared Short, Director of DevOps at Trek10, presenting at the AWS Chicago Meetup. Video
    Video: Serverless Use Cases & Architectures
    Serverless is the buzzword of the year, but what is it really? What does it mean for you, your business, and your future? Trek10 Serverless gurus Andy Warzon and Jared Short discuss what Serverless is, what it isn’t, and how things like AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework apply to your use cases. Video
    Trek10 Blog: Serverless Channel
    The future of cloud is serverless, and our engineers are highlighting the movement here. Keep up with serverless news and gain some optics into the processes and people that keep Trek10 on the bleeding edge. Blog
    Trek10 GitHub: Open Source Utilities from Trek10 Performance Architects
    Check out Lambda Error Hound, Serverless Secrets, Awsume, Serverless Base Path Plugin, Serverless Cognito Manager, LambdaClock, Serverless Slackbot and more. GitHub