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Kitepipe and Trek10 partner to provide 24/7 Boomi managed services at scale on AWS

Kitepipe gains peace of mind for their clients and reduced hours troubleshooting issues by roughly 85%. Published November 22, 2022


Founded in 2011 by Larry Cone, Kitepipe is a Boomi cloud integration services firm based out of North Carolina. The company focuses their business on medium-sized organizations that require Boomi integration expertise. With over ten years of experience working with Boomi, Kitepipe’s Platinum Partner status has been well-earned. Recently, Kitepipe has expanded their business offerings to include a managed service model for customers who want their Boomi environments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Kitepipe’s decision to support Boomi environments on the AWS Cloud required technical efficiency and operational agility. To actualize this, Kitepipe leveraged their AWS knowledge and Boomi expertise to help customers with these migrations. However, Kitepipe quickly realized that the demand for this integration service was much higher than expected. This led Kitepipe to reach out to AWS expert, Trek10, for cloud customer support assistance and guidance in streamlining their AWS managed services model.

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Trek10 guided Kitepipe through the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) expectations and eligibility requirements allowing Kitepipe to unlock additional funding from AWS.

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Over a series of engagements, Trek10 and Kitepipe formed a partnership to build out Kitepipe’s new Boomi managed service on AWS, restructuring the architecture for a more fluid workflow. Trek10 was a key contributor in developing a 24/7 customer support model to help Kitepipe resolve their customer issues faster. The new operational model follows the sun to provide continuous monitoring and support, a huge enhancement from the traditional 9-5 schedule that enables Kitepipe to fill a critical need for Boomi customers leveraging AWS.

Trek10’s first step in the process began with a discovery and advisory phase. The team dove into Kitepipe’s architecture and project needs to develop a joint solution for Boomi in AWS that included multiple managed customer solutions in a single master organization with sub-orgs. After gathering the requirements, Trek10 built out a well-architected, multi-account AWS environment with a landing zone using Control Tower to house the infrastructure for Kitepipe’s Boomi cloud customers. This was then mapped and configured on CloudOps. Trek10 CloudOps is a customized 24/7 fully managed service that monitors, automates alerts, and offers fixes in the event of an issue or blocker within an AWS environment. The combination of Kitepipe’s Boomi experience and Trek10’s AWS knowledge resulted in a stable, scalable, multi-customer environment with a “follow-the-sun” support model for a global Boomi managed services solution.

Another aspect of Trek10’s support was to incorporate Datadog into Kitepipe’s daily operations. Datadog provided Kitepipe with real-time monitoring to detect anomalies across applications, networks, and infrastructures. As a Gold Tier Datadog Partner, Trek10 was able to act as a liaison between Kitepipe and Datadog, introducing this new partnership as well as helping Kitepipe integrate Datadog into their Boomi managed services and support business. The new Datadog dashboards helped automate Kitepipe’s analytics as well as saved the company hours in troubleshooting customer issues.


By partnering with an AWS and Datadog expert, Kitepipe gained peace of mind in knowing that their client’s environments were created efficiently and correctly. With Trek10’s assistance, Kitepipe was able to save on in-house labor as Trek10 took on part of the work to provide and implement a 24/7 customer support system. According to Patrick Buchanan, Senior Manager of IT at Kitepipe, by implementing Datadog into Kitepipe’s monitoring solution, the organization can reduce hours troubleshooting issues by roughly 85%.

Having already created their own successful managed service, Trek10 used their knowledge to help streamline and automate Kitepipe’s Boomi managed service offering. This, paired with the new 24/7 customer support model, has opened the door for Kitepipe to sell their managed service model along with Boomi’s sales teams. This will, in turn, provide Kitepipe with more visibility to additional Boomi customers seeking a high quality 24/7 Boomi managed services offering.

Who is Trek10?

Founded in 2013, Trek10 focuses on helping organizations migrate to and maximize the benefits of AWS services. They put their effort into designing, building, and supporting AWS workloads with the right team of certified AWS experts to help—regardless of the customer’s situation. From thought-leading content to a deep collaboration with AWS to build and sustain modern cloud ecosystems, clients trust Trek10’s expertise, passion, and commitment to cloud modernization efforts.

Why Trek10?

Trek10 was able to extend and grow Kitepipe’s AWS expertise, helping them navigate through AWS services and programs such as the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (AWS MAP). Trek10 introduced Kitepipe to the program, guided them through program expectations and eligibility requirements, and enabled Kitepipe to achieve AWS MAP approval in roughly three weeks - much better than a two-month expectation for a final decision, and a critical aspect in maintaining their growth timelines.