Trek10 + Gitlab

Build your app on AWS with the most advanced DevOps platform, brought to you by the GitLab+AWS experts
Trek10 + Gitlab
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Build software faster and effectively by boosting your DevOps collaboration. Here's how...

You can use GitLab CI/CD and AWS Serverless Application Model to create, build, test, and deploy a Serverless application. With GitLab, users can build and deploy serverless applications with minimal configuration to take advantage of continuous integration for serverless application development.

Explore how we partner with GitLab to effectively leverage GitLab CI/CD for delivering modern applications to the cloud with AWS Serverless Application Model.

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Why Trek10 is the Best in Serverless & IoT
Trek10 + Gitlab

Trek10 provides radical visibility to clients and focused on customizing AWS enterprise-ready solutions.

Where are you in your cloud journey?

Best proactive GitLab Infrastructure in your AWS Account

  • Infrastructure as Code and immutable releases
  • Auto-scaling & redundancy built-in
  • Trek10 enhancements included
  • Custom additions scoped separate (i.e. networking, deo replication, SSO)

24/7 monitoring and response on GitLab infrastructure

  • System metrics such as CPU and disk
  • Gitlab metrics such as job failures
  • Security monitoring including intrusion detection and OS vulnerabilities
  • Regular Gitlab updates and OS patching

GitLab CI Team Support

  • Experts at building and improving GitLab CI, working on your priorities
  • Work can include other GitLab automation or customization
  • Con include optional up-front build phase to get started from scratch
  • 30 to 120 hours per month

Trusted by the best

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Trek10 + Gitlab

Print the GitLab Quick Start Select download to receive the .pdf

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Trek10 + Gitlab

Why Trek10 is the Best in Serverless & IoT

Trek10 + Gitlab

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