Internet of Things (IoT)

How Curbside Parking Becomes Data from the Edge

Trek10 and Automotus optimize IoT Edge deployment. Published June 2, 2023


As a startup improving curb management, Automotus helps cities and airports manage and monetize curbside real estate through analytics, machine learning, automated billing, and enforcement. The technology that powers this system is Automotus’ curbside sensor, a computer vision sensor mounted above curbside real estate to monitor the comings and goings of vehicles. To run this system, Automotus uses software that functions at the edge.


Automotus wanted to optimize their build and deployment pipeline for software that runs at edge locations. As a lean company, Automotus didn’t have the dedicated personnel to handle development of the IoT operations. Instead, they partnered with Trek10 for their known expertise and guidance. If left to their own devices, Automotus CTO and co-founder Harris Lummis commented, “We could have figured it out and done it ourselves, but it would have taken a lot longer and would have had much rougher edges than the fully-fledged and fully functioning solution that Trek10 delivered.”

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In this second engagement between Trek10 and Automotus, Trek10 delivered an infrastructure framework for Automotus to deploy called the IoT Greengrass Initiative (later to be packaged by Trek10 as Groundskeeper). Through this engagement, Trek10 used AWS Greengrass, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS Lambda to optimize Automotus’ deployment pipeline, taking it from a 20-step process to practically a push of a button. The results increased the company’s velocity to deliver. This was a vast improvement for Automotus. Lummis stated, “We’re using it in production and have deployed a few changes; it’s been a dream compared to where we were before.” Automotus is now able to take the time that would have been spent deploying services to focus more on innovation.


Now, with the IoT Greengrass Initiative in production, Automotus is taking advantage of the simplified deployment and experiencing a much shorter delay between the completion of new software and the actual release of said features into production environments. “We are now in a position where we are able to release new code into the production environment the same day—often within hours—of the code being ready,” says Lummis.

Alongside the improvement in time-to-deploy code, Automotus has been able to make improvements to its balancing act of deploying software with building new features. Lummis stated, “As a young company, we are continuously trying to deliver as much value to our customers as we can. Trek10 helped us show demonstrable results to our customers and enabled us to focus on other business-critical tasks.”

Why Trek10

When asked why they partnered with Trek10, Lummis answered, “We had a positive experience working with Trek10 the first time. This time around, they were already familiar with our product and workflow, which was a huge plus, but really what it boiled down to is that Trek10 is one of the few consulting firms that has a well-established IoT practice.” These points were the driving force behind the decision to utilize Trek10 services for a second time. And Trek10 delivered! They vastly simplified the process for Automotus, taking it from days to hours in terms of deployment times.

About Automotus

Automotus is a curb management company that uses first-of-its-kind computer vision technology to help cities, airports, and fleets manage the unprecedented rise in commercial vehicle congestion and emissions. They do this by fully automating labor-intensive curb operations such as payments for vehicle (un)loading and parking; enforcement of curb violations; and management of preferred loading zones and discounted rates for commercial EVs. Their technology also monitors and collects real-time activity data at the curb to inform smarter policies that promote equity, access and sustainability.

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