Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart, Cloud-Connected Humidifier

As devices hit the market, HealthSmart’s environment will scale seamlessly as usage increases

About HealthSmart

HealthSmart is a featured product brand of Briggs Healthcare. Since 1947, Briggs Healthcare has grown to be one of the largest privately held manufacturers and distributors of medical documentation, charting systems and healthcare products. Learn more about HealthSmart at

The Challenge

HealthSmart needed a flexible cloud backend for their “smart” product rollout strategy, focused initially on a Smart Humidifier. They had identified Particle as a good turnkey option for hardware and cloud infrastructure, but Particle’s platform was not flexible enough to fulfill all of HealthSmart’s needs. Specifically, HealthSmart needed more granular authentication, customer data storage, and API endpoints for the companion mobile app. HealthSmart engaged Trek10 to meet these additional requirements, and to integrate the AWS based solution with the existing Particle platform.

The Solution

Trek10 used AWS platform services to design and build a serverless IoT infrastructure that integrates with Particle’s cloud. Device provisioning is triggered by the mobile app hitting a serverless API endpoint (API Gateway / Lambda), which triggers calls to Particle and stores data in DynamoDB. Particle hardware seamlessly authenticates to and communicates with Particle’s cloud backend, which triggers events to push data into AWS. The mobile app authenticates with Cognito and uses serverless API endpoints to interact with the device and the stored data to deliver device control and usage insights to customers.

The Results

By extending the Particle cloud with AWS custom components, HealthSmart gets a simple hardware/back-end experience with the Particle cloud and maximum flexibility to meet all of their product requirements. By leveraging pay-per-use platform services, Trek10 delivered a low-maintenance environment with minimal usage costs during the product rollout phase. As devices hit the market, HealthSmart’s environment will scale seamlessly as usage increases.