Serverless in Summer 2018 - Think FaaS Podcast

Let's look at the serverless landscape and changes we've seen!
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Forrest Brazeal | Jul 25 2018

Wed, 25 Jul 2018

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And here we go again, I’m Jared Short at Trek10, and this is ‘Think FaaS’, where we learn about the world of serverless computing in less time than it takes to run an AWS Lambda function. So put five minutes on the clock - it’s time to ‘Think FaaS’.

This week we are going to take a bit of a different direction, take a breath, and look around at the landscape of Serverless. With the upcoming ServerlessConf San Francisco, it’s a good opportunity to see where Serverless was at the first ServerlessConf and where it is now.

Buckle up, let’s go for a ride down memory lane.


The innaugural ServerlessConf NYC was the hottest conference in tech in early 2016. Literally! A bunch of passionate folks stuffed into an un-airconditioned black brick building. Ideas and cold water were the two greatest commodities to be had.

Some of the topics we were talking about:

  • What the heck is this “Serverless”, is it just rebranded PaaS?
    • Clearly this is not the case, but we were all
  • We can build stuff so much faster
  • NoOps? Is that a thing?
  • Serverless is a bad name


Talks started shifting away from what the heck is this to how the heck do we do this?

Topics we were talking about in 2017:

  • NoOps isn’t a thing, there is still ops, it’s just different
  • Serverless in the enterprise with folks like Rob Gruhl @ Nordstrom and Ben Kehoe @ iRobot
  • How startups are using serverless to build their MVPs and companies by trying ideas in days
  • The pain points in developer tooling and experiences
  • It’s not all about FaaS, embrace the idea of services you don’t have to manage as well


This year, we are seeing a lot of adoption and topics are shifting away entirely from what is serverless, how do we do it, to more nuanced topics and becoming a discussion of ideas.

Some of the topics we are seeing are:

  • Really focusing on various application architectures
  • How enterprises are solving the really hard problems they’ve run into
  • Practical and applicable approaches to security in the Serverless ecosystem
  • Management and operation of serverless systems at scale including observability, service discovery, etc

This episode was short and sweet, and you only paid for what you needed! Let me know what you are excited about in the serverless space on Twitter @shortjared and @trek10inc. I hope to see you at serverlessconf next week, and if not, we’ll catch you on the next episode of ‘Think FaaS’!

Forrest Brazeal Trek10 191210 171202
Forrest Brazeal