Amazon Web Services: Disaster Recovery

Josh von Schaumburg Featured
Josh von Schaumburg | Oct 10 2017

Tue, 10 Oct 2017

Josh von Schaumburg, Customer Solutions Lead and Senior Solutions Architect at Trek10, recently spent some time with the team at LinkedIn Learning recording a new course, Amazon Web Services: Disaster Recovery.

In his role with Trek10, Josh works with customer requirements during the sales process to deliver statements of work, manage the sales transition to the appropriate engineering team, and oversee the delivery of engagements. Prior to Trek10, he worked with the security consulting practice at Accenture on a variety of implementations for Fortune 500 clients. His experience ranges from functional requirement gathering, to project management, to technical architecture. In addition, he is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional.

Course Details

A disaster recovery (DR) procedure is a critical component of each organization’s business continuity plan. The failure to appropriately plan for a datacenter outage can have a profoundly negative impact on a business, as recent public events have indicated. From IT executives to system administrators, it’s imperative that employees have an in-depth understanding of their organization’s DR plan. This entry-level course reviews the benefits of the public cloud, specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS), in implementing a DR plan. It also covers AWS-specific DR concepts, shows how to configure the core AWS services needed for DR, and provides demos that give you hands-on experience with using AWS services to build a reliable DR environment.

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Josh von Schaumburg Featured
Josh von Schaumburg