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Scalable Architectures

Putting your app on readily scalable infrastructure doesn't mean it will automatically scale well. Trek10 has the experience and expertise to help you walk through any changes or optimizations necessary so that you can harness the advantages that elastic infrastructure opens up to your application.

We have on-staff developers that are experienced with taking applications and understand how to implement and integrate the powerful services and solutions that are opened up when you move you application to elastic infrastructure.

Scalable Storage

Scaling apps should take advantage of storage services optimized for reads and writes from many servers and apps. Keeping them on the local server can be expensive and hard to scale. Trek10 can help you integrate these useful storage services into your application.

Databases & Caching

Different situations call for different databases and caching engines. Trek10 can recommend distributed, high-performance databases and caching that will painlessly grow as your app does.

Logging & Metrics

Understanding what is happening in one app can be a challenge, now take that app and scale it across many servers. We can help you organize the chaos so you know what's going on inside your infrastructure.

Handle Traffic Growth & Unexpected Spikes

If thousands of unexpected people started flooding your apps and services, would your website slow down? Do you have seasonal users around the holidays, or expected spikes on weekends? Trek10 can help you optimize your applications so you only use the server resources you need when you need them, saving you money.

Deliver Content Worldwide

Your content and services are consumed all over the world. The speed of content being delivered to your users is highly dependent on the physical distance of your users to your servers and content. With content distribution networks and multiple data center locations, we can make sure your users get lightning fast service no matter where they are.

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