Cloud Operations Engineer

Zack Schuett

Tinkerer. Husband + Pet Dad. Jiujitsu Dreamer.

Zack Schuett joins Trek10 as a Cloud Operations Engineer. Zack's hobbies outside of work include 3d Printing (FDM but working towards resin for D&D applications lol), and practicing/competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu under the Roots Combat banner. Currently, he's a three-stripe white belt, and has been training just over a year.

Zack's work experience includes time as a NOC engineer at LogMeIn, as well as a senior LiveOps engineer at Genvid Technologies. At LMI, he directly supported SaaS products like GoToSuite and LastPass. At Genvid, Zack directly supported titles like: Rival Peak, Pac Man Community, The Walking Dead: The Last Mile, and Silent Hill: Ascension; He also was an Atlassian administrator, and was tasked with creating Jira workflows, confluence workspaces, and various documentation articles for their clients/users. Zack is also a passionate process engineer, and loves working on automations to make workflows smoother and safe from user error.

Zack is skilled in the cloud space, with multiple AWS certifications under his belt, and many more in progress. He loves 'levelling up' his skills and evolving with tech so he doesn't stagnate; Continued learning is a large part of his day-to-day schedule and using learning platforms like ACG seem to be welcome here!

Zack is super stoked to be brought onto the team at Trek10 because of their position in the cloud space, and how he can work to achieve his goal of being the best cloud engineer he can. As computing becomes more abstract (hardware->software->vms->lambdas) he can see that the cloud is the future, and he's grateful for the opportunity to work for a company at the forefront of helping support and migrate monolithic companies towards their future.

He also strives to be the example of positive energy on his team and loves to get to know all of his coworkers (if possible). Zack's slack inbox is always open, and he's always ready to crack a joke, talk hobbies, or get to work!