Cloud Engineer

Matthew Thompson

Honest. Determined. Taco Enjoyer.

Matthew is a graduate from Purdue University with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and has wanted to pursue a career in technology since his dad started allowing him to play video games! He has always found a lot of interest in things like building his own computer, figuring out why the computer will not turn on, and finally spending countless hours figuring out why the computer doesn't want to stay on. He started his cloud engineering journey with Trek10 as an intern, during which he received his first certificate from AWS and found a path that truly excites him. Now he is working full-time and looking forward to continuing to grow as a Cloud Engineer!

He is also blessed to be a husband and father who loves singing in choir, playing sports like basketball, and cooking. "I would say I want to learn new recipes, but honestly all I want to do is perfect my tacos."