Business Analyst / Proposal Coordinator

Maxx Hamm

Gamemaster. Amateur Mixologist. Stoic.

In his role as a Business Analyst and Proposal Coordinator in Trek10’s federal practice, Maxx works with technical and business leads to identify federal customers and match them with the right technology solutions.

Before transitioning to Trek10, Maxx worked extensively in the nonprofit sector implementing programs and solutions in local communities. Prior to his domestic work, Maxx served for three years in Ukraine as a Peace Corps Volunteer focusing on economic and youth development in the communities and regions he operated in.

Maxx holds a Bachelor’s degree in international studies with a minor in national security from the Virginia Military Institute, and a Master’s degree in nonprofit administration from the University of Notre Dame. In his free time, Maxx enjoys cocktails, gaming, painting miniatures, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, gardening, cooking, and being a good husband.